CNY 2012~


During this CNY, I spent it in Malaysia, Kota Tinggi where my grandparents lived…

So, this is where I waited for my maju bus 227, to Kota Tinggi…

This is random but I bought Beard Papa Durian Puff in City Square@JohorBahru…It was cheap and delicious!

Stopping by Ulu Tiram Interchange during the journey…

In my uncle’s car before heading home!

CNY goodies at grand’s house!

Little QiQi on 初一!

We had charcoal style steamboat, using only charcoal to cook the food! How awesome can that be! I bet most Singaporeans wouldn’t be using such steamboat during CNY…


This is a 8m long red firecracker! boomboomboom~

This is the dalmation that we keep in our kampong, her name is Xiao Qi.

This is our neighbour’s cat resting under my grand’s car!

My sis took a funny photo with the dog…LOL!

And check out my self-DIY nails! I did it myself and I used Sally Hansen Ink Splatter Shatter and Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl nail polishes that were bought from New York!

They look really lovely right?

Anyways, Happy Chinese New Year, every-boardies!

Grandpa’s Desert

Here are some lovely treats that you won’t want to miss!

Mango Sago, Ice Chee Kong, Ice Bobo Chacha are the hot-favourites!

These are the some of the ingredients used for the deserts!

And if you love fresh clams dipped in chilli sauce with lime, then you wouldn’t want to miss these!

Did I mention there’s limited number of plates available? Come early~

These are called “Buah Long Long”, they are great for juices with sour plums!

And you should definitely try the rojak! Cause it’s just simply FABULOUS!

And you could request for extra scoops of peanuts for your rojak if you are a peanut lover!

Fresh Orange Juice

Fresh Green Apple Juice

Fresh Carrots for Carrot and Milk Juice.

We also have freshly squeezed juices from apples, oranges, carrot, celery, watermelon, honeydew and so much more!


Finally, if you are tempted and curious, and wondering where is this place, let me tell you.

It’s located in Kota Tinggi, Malaysia, “华人小饭中心”.

Opening hours are from Tues-Sun, Monday off, 6.30pm-10.30pm.

And look out for my grandpa, he’s a very tall old man, order your drinks, deserts, food from him!

We hope to see you there soon!~

Grandpa’s dessert is definitely the best! I love his desert since young and he has been selling deserts since 40 years ago! I would usually order mango sago, honeydew sago, apple juice and guava juice because they are my favourite!

Often, I will always request for my grandpa to make these for me even though my grandma and uncle is there to help out because I love the deserts that my grandpa make!


Liese Bubble Hair Color-Sweet Pink

For CNY this year, I’ve decided to dye my hair using Liese Bubble Hair Color, Sweet Pink. Formally, I’ve tried Liese Chestnut Brown and Platinum Beige.

I still keep the boxes though. Hahaha!

Today, I’m trying this sweet pink colour! I hope it’ll turn out well and my hair will be reddy or pinky:)

So, here are the contents that you can find inside the box …

And here’s the mixture of the dye…

This is the colour of my hair before the dye. Originally, it has the colour of Platinum Beige but I suppose the colour has faded quite a lot, leaving me with just brown hair …

I’m wearing my free cape from Liese! I got this cape when I bought Chestnut Brown and I really love the cape as it prevents my clothes from getting stained:)

I wore the gloves…and I’m ready to start dye-ing my hair!

I changed the cap to the nozzle …

Bubbles, bubbles and lots of pink bubbles!

Ok, I look hideous in this photo! But check out the foamy foamy dye on my hair! It’s pink! ♥

Tadaaa! This is my hair colour after washing the dye off! It doesn’t look really pink or red though but I got a much lighter brown shade for my hair. Maybe the colour might look a little different under sunlight?

My hair looks pretty dry and crisp after the dye as usual, and the colour were much lighter near my roots than the ends. It was a little uneven though, I wonder why, but this usually happens to Liese hair-dyes…

Anyway, I’m going to try the new Hoyu BeautyLabo the next time I dye my hair again! Or maybe not, I might want to go to a salon and highlight my hair purple!

But, I’m still satisfied and contented with the hair colour now! Woohoo!~

1st Wedding Dinner of 2012~

I went to a wedding dinner of YunKai & Teresa, at Furama Riverfront Hotel today…

I did my own hair and was too lazy to put eyeliner and eyelashes…Hehe!

The table setting…

The menu…

I drank white wine and it tasted good! Better than red wine…

The wedding tokens…And I got the piggy! I think it’s really cute:)

And little QiQi went to the dinner as well!

The dinner was great and the bride was really pretty!

But, the hotel banquet lacks waiter and waitress as the service was slow and most of the guest got mad due to long wait for just a glass of drink.

Anyway, I’ll wish them a blissful and happy marriage! ♥