Grandpa’s Desert

Here are some lovely treats that you won’t want to miss!

Mango Sago, Ice Chee Kong, Ice Bobo Chacha are the hot-favourites!

These are the some of the ingredients used for the deserts!

And if you love fresh clams dipped in chilli sauce with lime, then you wouldn’t want to miss these!

Did I mention there’s limited number of plates available? Come early~

These are called “Buah Long Long”, they are great for juices with sour plums!

And you should definitely try the rojak! Cause it’s just simply FABULOUS!

And you could request for extra scoops of peanuts for your rojak if you are a peanut lover!

Fresh Orange Juice

Fresh Green Apple Juice

Fresh Carrots for Carrot and Milk Juice.

We also have freshly squeezed juices from apples, oranges, carrot, celery, watermelon, honeydew and so much more!


Finally, if you are tempted and curious, and wondering where is this place, let me tell you.

It’s located in Kota Tinggi, Malaysia, “华人小饭中心”.

Opening hours are from Tues-Sun, Monday off, 6.30pm-10.30pm.

And look out for my grandpa, he’s a very tall old man, order your drinks, deserts, food from him!

We hope to see you there soon!~

Grandpa’s dessert is definitely the best! I love his desert since young and he has been selling deserts since 40 years ago! I would usually order mango sago, honeydew sago, apple juice and guava juice because they are my favourite!

Often, I will always request for my grandpa to make these for me even though my grandma and uncle is there to help out because I love the deserts that my grandpa make!



2 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Desert

  1. “The Chinese Little Rice Center”? Too far to walk to from here…wish it was right down the street. Your grandpa looks like and educated man, scholarly type. but works hard to support the family. Maybe when you finish that school stuff you don’t seem to much like you could go home and modernize the family buisness? open a stylish dessert/coffee bar? what’s the malay word…selang diri…relaxed life. you speak hokkien? yan does too, not me ofcourse! 😦

    • Hahaha you can’t translate it directly. It means chinese hawker centre.
      Well, my uncle is now continuing the family business in a coffeeshop and is planning to open a cafe soon. I’m not really into business so probably I won’t.
      Yeap, I do speak hokkien

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