The Geek In Everyone’s Else Eyes…

I’ve always been that geek in everyone’s else eyes, always staying at home and not hanging out with friends…

Well, one secret that they don’t know is that I like to model, and to take pictures…

So basically, model + phototaking = camwhoring

However, it’s not really of camwhoring, because I try to express different emotions and message through my photos, I’m know they aren’t of a certain quality but it’s pretty tough to have 10 secs for a countdown timer and within 10 seconds that includes running to the right position, making yourself looks good, expressing the emotion before it “snaps!”

A little bit of snobby…

“I know my smile is ugly, soon I’ll get braces and it’ll be perfect…”

So, this is my one of my pretty teddy from my collection of soft toys…and that I just randomly picked one and took photo with it…

I suppose no one in school or my best-friend-forever (bff) will know it, the secret should be safe here, I guess?


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