Who says?

Who said that girls can’t become a beauty?

Who says that there isn’t a possibility that ugly ducklings can’t turn into beautiful swans?

Even, if the humanity claims that personality matters the most, but first impression matters, right?

And usually first impression counts from the way you look, your features, your dressing and the confidence that you possesses…

While this was me in 2009


I used to like blue roses, so I enjoyed buying a stalk of flower every week, to cheer up myself 🙂

This was taken when I first bought my acer laptop during June and back then, revealing halter inner wears was sort of popular and “fashionable” in a sense…

And this was one of the unglamorous and ugly one, as my hair was over-grown and I did not know the importance of a proper hair-cut…

Now, back to the present


without makeup

I just bought a black beret and I couldn’t help but to flaunt it a little…

This was taken during Christmas…

My neighbour, Mrs Warren just gave me this awesome black shiny sequin hat and I thought it might look good on me…as a boy-ish look!


So, you see, girls changes, every year we sort of change a little, learning step-by-step, how to groom, carry ourself and maybe how to put on make-up. The world of cosmetics and make-up to make a difference in a girl’s life.

But, I still survive without make-up as you can see from all my photos… Well, girls, don’t be disappointed by yourself when you heard comments that “you are ugly” or you aren’t the belle in your class or school…

Someday, you’ll grow out of your looks and become pretty…(and if you can’t, I could try to help you and give you some tips, if you wouldn’t mind:) And, I’m really sincere too! If you know my past experience of being a class out-cast…)

Lastly, I hope that those mean girls in school especially in secondary school, like the plastics, will learn their lesson, that looks doesn’t last long, a girl with character will have a successful career and future that those who doesn’t…



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