Braces, here I come!

Braces, here I come!

I know it’s kind of a surprise showing these teeth mould samples with braces…

But, the fact is, I’m going to have braces soon! In less than a month’s time!

To rejoice or to moan…I don’t know, what do you think?

In this coming tuesday, I’ll be having 2 of my teeth, yes 2! extracted!

And then the orthodontist will be putting on spacers which are small rubber bands fitted between my teeth to create spaces for braces.

And… I heard that it really hurts!

Plus, it would feels like large food particles stuck between my teeth and I would definitely have to resist the urge to get it out!

Anyway, I’m so freaked out now and psyched!

It’s gonna be tough, painful and horrible!

But, I suppose it will be worth it, right?


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