It’s the 1st April…


First of all, Happy April Fools Day!

Have you played a prank on your friends today?

Well, today was the one of my best day in this holiday!

So, I met with my BFF and it was ages since we last met.

And we went to City Plaza, you know, it’s at Paya Lebar area, where there’s lots of hookers…

But, we got a few cheap stash and good deals there! (thank you Budget Barbie for introducing that place!)

Also, we sort of met Bobby Tonelli, Joanne Peh’s boyfriend at 98.7fm…and I only saw his back view…LOL!

Oh! And not forgetting, Cold Stone Creamery!

It was really really really nice!

It’s my first visit there and I didn’t know that place existed, (ok, I’m like a “sua-ku” singaporean) and Siru helped me with my order just in case I don’t embarrass myself. Hehehe!

And then, I ordered Berry Berry Berry Berry…Good!

It’s just sweet cream ice-cream with lots of berries! Yum-alicious!

After that little indulgence, we headed back home with a little bit of a disappointment because there wasn’t really a flea at *Scape!

Anyway, I love the ice-cream so-so-so much!


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