Spacers Aka. Separators

It’s been 5 day since I had spacers on, and soon, I’ll have them removed.

So, it wasn’t as bad as lots of people mentioned on youtube and blogs.

It was a little painful on the 2nd and 3rd day, especially when you chew, so I had to eat really really soft food.

Then, by today, it’s not so painful, so I could actually had food like pastas, toast, grilled dory.

Most importantly, I hadn’t had a single drop of milo nor cocoa, because they stains on teeth and it’s really hard to clean they off…

Well, the most uncomfortable part so far, are the holes filled with blood clot, for they are one major nuisance as I’ve got to be careful that the clot doesn’t fall off due to me sucking or touching it accidentally (if not, it’ll start bleeding again).

Also, with that idiotic holes, saliva keeps escaping through there, and I can’t use a straw to drink, because air escapes from the hole!

Other the holes, brushing wasn’t an issue although I take a longer time to brush than usual and talking because not so clear because the saliva keeps escaping.

Soon I guess, I’ll have the spacers removed, and I’ll kinda miss them because I love the blue!

It’s like baby blue, and it’s pretty in my mouth, I LOVE IT!


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