The newly crowned, Ms Brace Face!


So, after a series of shits popping out one after another, I managed to get braces on, for my lower jaw only…

Simply because my extraction site for my upper jaw wasn’t healing as expected, the orthodontist said that we’ll give my upper jaw a month’s time to heal.

And, he used “organic glue” to stick the brackets on to each of my tooth, (the glue was freaking bitter because some of the excess got stuck to my lips) then he use the wire and I secured it on with grey ligatures to the brackets.

I was expecting to be able to pick my own colours…but my orthodontist said that it wasn’t possible till 6 weeks later because my front 4 incisors and 2 canines were all overly crowded, and had to “make space” by pulling the 2 canines back to the holes where my former premolars used to stay.

Thus, I’m stuck with the grey ligatures for another 6 weeks! It look really ugly because I never liked the colour GREY!

The pain is like acting up every now and then especially for the front set of teeth and they felt like they were being subjected to lots of pressure and when I brushed them, they felt very stiff and hard.

Well, food gets stuck everywhere and are hard to take out especially when my extraction sites aren’t healing, it just add on to more food being stuck to my teeth.

It looks really disgusting and cleaning them takes a whole lot of effort and patience to get it cleaned and shiny…

Aesthetically, I have no problems of being a brace face because I love how braces is on my teeth, sort of like christmas tree with pretty decorations, it makes me teeth more stunning, in a way. (It will definitely be more pretty when I get to pick my own colours!)

Anyway, braces really requires high maintenance for they are sort of fragile and well, having to keep them cleaned is one major problem… and that makes me refuse to shove food in my mouth because I’m afraid of dirtying my braces. (It’s sounds silly but, that’s really how I felt.)

I do hope that the pain will go away soon, and I’ll be able to pick my colours soon, and I’ll start admiring them in the mirror… LOL!


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