If only I was born a guy…

You see, being a guy isn’t that bad after all, RIGHT?

You get to enjoy many special privileges and enjoyment…

Like being paid more than girls, when it comes to the working world…

OR, when you don’t have long queues in your toilet when you are superURGENT!

Not only that, you don’t have that wardrobe disaster and crazy-frenzy when you ran out of clothes to wear or not sure which top to pair with which bottom…

All that guys could wear is just limited, like t-shirts, shirts, jeans, capris and shorts, maybe?

I don’t know, I think that being a guy is so much carefree than being a girl.

Plus, guys do not need to put on make-up, style your hair as much as girls, wear heels, have menses, getting pregnant and all those blablablabla…(because the list continues on…)

Well, I know that being a guy, you have to go through 2 years of army training, it isn’t that bad though, for you can take it as a keep fit programme that’s specially designed and planned for you to have six packs.

And the last thing, that I really wished is to be able to survived through SSM, with all those thick make-up like super duper red lipstick, foundations, gel and hair spray and clog shoes.

I’m praying so badly that my skin doesn’t gets itchy after putting on make-up for a really long period of time from 8am-4pm, if my eczema acts up again, I’m going to be so doomed…

Back to the topic, being a guy is still so much better in this realistic world, for eventually, no matter how much globalization and evolution that has taken place, in one way or another, there’s still some part of the world where there’s gender discrimination against the females…


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