It’s my 2nd overseas trip away from Singapore, and this time, I’m going to Taiwan, Taipei!

It’s actually a study trip to be exact, but it’s my second time flying off with Singapore Airlines on economic class. I could recall the last time travelling to Bali, I took Singapore Airlines too.

6 Days 5 Nights in Taiwan gone by in a swift before I even noticed it, I’m already back in Singapore. I stayed in different places, travelling from Taoyuan to Taipei to Yilan to Taichung and many other places, staying in Fullon Hotel Linkou, Plaza International Hotel and even farmstays in Flying Cow Ranch and Shangrila Leisure Farm.

The food in Taiwan was fascinating, yummy and tempting but I preferred the shopping part much more. Well, I ate awesome food like oyster omelette, extra large fried chicken chop, xiao long bao, mee sua and even drank milk tea!

For the shopping part, I managed to grab a few pieces of pretty apparels in the Taiwan’s largest night market- Feng Jia Night Market and also some cosmetics and accessories from Ximending. I really liked Feng Jia Night Market and if I had a chance, I would definitely go back there again and stock up my wardrobe!

So, this was my very first time getting a window seat on board the plane and I’m all hyped up!

Milk Steamboat: It had a milky smell and overpowering salty taste with no natural sweetness of milk.

SO, the taiwan trip was a very fruitful one, for I’ve brought back lots of knowledge and also clothes!

I would definitely want to go back to Taiwan to shop next time, maybe with my bff, Siru!


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