Back to grand’s place…

I went back to grand’s place this National Day…Image

It’s actually been quite some time since I went back. I really miss Kota Tinggi so badly and the peaceful surroundings!

Also, recently, there has been little sheep visiting the grasslands behind our house!Image


Plus, I went on with my look-alike aunt on the last night before coming back to Singapore! We went to Aeon Jusco and Padini was having a SALE! So I bought some clothes and then we went for supper at 好好海鲜火锅 and the food was great!



Last few words…or maybe more…

I really love going back to my grandparent’s place! I love everything over there! I know it’s a kampong, there’s nothing fanciful or amazing about there, no advanced technology, everything seems pretty rural but..I JUST LOVE THE WAY IT IS!

There may be occasional bees buzzing in our house, toads croaking in our kitchen at night, but don’t you think that’s what makes it more unique and exciting to stay at?


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