Mid-length Hairstyle!♥

Maybe it’s not black and white for all, but for most of the shoots they are in black and white…

Anyway, this time, I had shoulder length hair and they were really a challenge to style it…

Image(I know this is so un-glamourous! And it do look like I’m topless! I was trying to figure out what can I do with this short hair…)

Disclaimer: I’m wearing a tube top btw!

ImageSo, this one, is actually a bun-up with a cute coral-coloured ribbon headband which you can’t see from the black and white effect. I was trying to achieve the princess look that is probably sweet and cute:)

But in the end, I figure out that letting down my hair would still be the best, and I just took a hair straightening iron to curl my hair!

After all, my haircut was actually inspired from Nicole Richie and that chinese-looking hairstyle. (I think they are just motivators for me to snip off my long hair…)


ImageI kind of wished that I had blonde hair, so that I could do the dip-dye thing-y that’s in trend now! The colours like lilac and turquoise look so good with blonde!

So here’s me…

ImageAnd can you figure out that I was trying to get the same look from Nicole Richie in the above photo? I know it kind of failed anyway…


And now, the barbie SHOCKING look, but maybe it would be better if I had stick on false lashes…



And kudos to braces, it had actually allowed me to gain self-confidence, in smiling more widely, and baring my teeth! Now, I’m proud to be a brace-face as I love braces so so so much!


 This one has a more vintage “touch” to it…






And the last one is my favourite among all!


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