When I get too sick of studying, this is what I do…

Finally, Semester 2.1 has finally come to an end with the accounting paper as the last!

I could say that this time, I worked hard and put in extra effort in studying for the papers as compared to the previous semesters where I only studied in the morning, during the day of the paper itself.

However, this time, the first paper, marketing, was a pretty big challenge for me and as well as the others, many did not finish the paper, losing lots of marks, and as for me, I manage to scribble through and finish it, of course, with my incredibly ugly handwriting.

Nonetheless, I finished all the papers and IT’S HOLIDAYS!

I’m so happy and tired at the same time as I’ve stayed up in the night to practice and memorize the notes for the papers…

Anyway, I’m here to share with you, my photos taken when I was sick of studying, and needed to find something to do to relieve stress, and then getting back on track to continue studying…

ImageThe joy of studying…like real! It felt more like a torture…

And can you see the hard-working girl practising her accounting? LOL


And when you studied too much, you will go a bit “gaga” and “bonkers” like me, smiling to the wall actually…

(No. I think my mind was thinking of lying on the bed, hugging to my soft and comfy bolster and then falling asleep! I was sleep-deprived back then…)


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