MiMi, my Beloved~

Today, my little timid boy was around my house longer than usual today, and we decided to take some pictures since we have took one ages ago…ImageHe looks so adorable like a real life pretty white soft toy, doesn’t he?ImageImageAnd this is the last one, he tried to wriggle away…


I just love him so much, because unlike other kitties out there, he’s the timid one, who wholeheartedly place his trust in me, and the loyal one, that comes to my house timely, and allows me to disturb and tease him, and even give him a HOMEY HUG (just like hugging a real-life furry soft-toy and yet it feels warm with a heartbeat, don’t you think that feeling is so lovely?), and yet he doesn’t retaliates and scratch me in return.

He have been the best and amazing boy for the past 4 years plus, and BTW, he’s reaching 5 years of age in the human year this DECEMBER!

Maybe, I’m a little obsessed and crazy over this little boy, but I just love him to bits so much so that I would be nuts if he suddenly vanish in my life.



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