Baking Session In Progress

A boring thursday, had nothing else to do, no outings, nor work, and so, I’ve decided to bake!

And, I’ve decided to try out this: Betty Crocker Supermoist White Cake Mix!


But, it didn’t turn out to be great or fantastic, because the mix was so hard to mix in after adding water, egg and oil, it just happen to not turn out right for the million times I’ve tried.

And most of it, my cupcakes turn out to be super sticky and clumpy. It just didn’t work that well as compared to another brand I’ve used previously…

ImageHere’s the failed Instagram photo of the cupcake using Betty Crocker Supermoist White Cake Mix!

I really dislike their cake mix though…

ImageSince, I’ve decided not to continue on with making cupcakes, I’ve decided to alter the box recipe a little, by adding in lots more of cake mix to turn it into a cookie dough! Not only that, I added in some chocolate rice and sliced dried cranberry bits in it…

ImageI know it kind of looks digusting, I actually coated the cookie dough with sieved icing sugar, as I wanted to tried making sugar coated cookies! So,here’s BATCH 1!

ImageCaution: It’s hot!

So, the cookies came out tasting really crunchy and tasty, but as for the appearance wise, it looks like it’s spammed with white mould!

ImageHere’s the BATCH NO.2! I used bunny shaped cookie cutter to cut the dough and this time, I’ve decided to not have any sugar coating for it!




Don’t the bunnies look cute after they are out from the oven?



So, I suppose the leftover cake mix were still use-able as for cookie recipes. And, who wants some crunchy, yummy Bunny Chocolate & Cranberry Cookies?


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