Hair, Highlights, Dye, and I’m undecided…

It’s already in the mid of the semester break, and yet I still have yet to decide how am I going to do my hair. I know, I’ve been planning to dye or perhaps highlight my hair ever since SSM ended. But till today, I couldn’t decide which and what colour to choose from…

Recently, the ombre or dip-dyed hair has caused lots of girls to go crazy about, because it looks super pretty! ♥

And perhaps my hair is only in the mid-length I couldn’t decide if I should go for a dip-dye since long hair looks better with dip-dye, and I do really really really like the dip-dye hair styles!

Also, there’s this product called La Riche Directions, it’s a semi-permanent hair dye that the colour will fade after every wash (I heard this from the comments on the net…), upon knowing such product exist, I really wanted to try it out, but still I preferred to have a permanent hair dye:)



Still, I think the colours from La Riche Directions are very pretty, and I might be possibly using the colours as a gauge to which colour I’m going to pick to have it on my hair!

Personally, I like Turquoise, Lilac and Pastel Pink:)


*Girl on the right*

Her hair looks super nice right? Dark brown hair with dip dye blonde and TURQUOISE!~


Check out this one! It’s ombre with teal and turquoise! I really like this too!^^


This looks pretty awesome for me! Since, I have near black hair, and purple is one of my favourites, perhaps I should imagine myself in this? Hmmmmm~


This one looks suitable for me too, since it has black hair, and it’s ombre…But I think gradient brown seems not-so-cool?

It definitely it’s for those who are don’t want to take such a risk!^^


Perhaps a combination of dip dye and tint of blonde would looks good on my near black hair?


Streaks of PINK! Pink seems pretty on brown hair~


Or maybe purple highlights all over my hair?


How about a combination of purple and blue highlights?

I think it looks pretty though, ON BLACK HAIR 😀



But still, I really like the hair Selena Gomez wore! They are called inner highlights, where only your inner hair is highlighted and the top layer remains as it is. It do looks pretty cool and sneaky right?


Some digital image that pop up first when I search for inner highlights hair! This look nice, though it’s not real.should I do this?


(The most real picture to the above one, but has pretty much small size….)

I think that this turquoise inner highlights looks awesome too!


This inner highlights is in teal, it do look nice, don’t it?^^


I think I could also dye my hair dark brown and dip dye with the colour CORAL PINK!


Inner highlight with purple and black hair? Does it looks nice? o.O


Inner highlights with blonde and dark brown hair! I think this also look pretty…



Or perhaps I should do a natural dark brown dye with evenly spread blonde highlights?

A more brunette looking hair I would consider, but from an asian to a brunette-looking, this sounds good too! ^^


There’s so many styles, types and colours for me to choose from, I’m really spoilt for choice and can’t decided which shall I get. If only I had many heads, I get all the styles and colours!

But now, I’ve got to decide which colour and style should I get…dip-dye? ombre? highlights all over? dye?inner highlights? blonde? turquoise? teal? coral pink? lilac? purple? dark brown?

I still can’t make a decision, what do you think I should get that’s suitable for my current shoulder length, really dark brown, near black hair?


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