Creepy Doll-Inspired Halloween Look!

Halloween is in round the corner on the 31 October, and the shops are filled with orange stuffs for Halloween.

Everyone’s busy doing their makeup and preparation for halloween events like trick-n-treat , spooky events and stuffs.

And so, just a few days back, I did my own Halloween look and was inspired by creepy doll that’s actually left abandoned by its owner in the rubbish chute…

Now, it has come back to life to haunt it’s owner…

Get ready for more spooky photos coming along your way…


“Would you like a creep kiss from me?”-Creepy Doll

Look at how pathetic I’ve become…

I hate the light!~

Get the light away from me~

“Do I still look pretty like I used to?”-Creepy Doll

Where have you been?

I’ve spot you!

And you’re doomed!


So, perhaps you would be interested in how I got this creepy, horrible and ugly look. Well, I actually made use of mainly black eyeliner, black and white eyeshadow, and some foundation.

It’s just that simple, and you could create your own exclusive halloween look with just some creativity!

Happy Halloween Peeps! BOOOO!~

I’ve been craving to have sliced cream cakes for quite some time already, especially chocolate ones! 

Since, I’ve gotten braces, I’ve been trying to avoid food that stains teeth like milo, dark soya sauce and chocolates.

But sometimes, I just couldn’t control my urge anymore, like today, I bought 2 slices of cake and finished them in just a day! OMG!

I know it’s fattening right? But who cares anyway…


A slice of chocolate cake! YUMMMZ~


Blackforest Cake! 

Whipped Fresh cream, chocolate sponge, blueberry jam and chocolate shavings, OH MYYY!~


Which one is your favourite?

Due to the recent fixation of new brackets on my front teeth, my lips starts to feel dry and chappy because of the abrasion of my lips and the metal tip.

And, it also just so happens that I lost my Lip Ice Grape, where I left my lip balm in my work uniform! Oh God!

So, I’ve decided that it’s time to get myself a new lip balm, and still, I prefer Lip Ice among the other brands…

ImageLip Ice Sheer Colour in Strawberry!



 Information on the back…


My lip balm!!!


  • Really sweet and strong smell of strawberry! I LOVE IT!
  • Very moisturising on my dry lips
  • Last pretty long, it does wear off when you eat, obviously! 🙂
  • Nice container that looks like those lipstick containers! GORGEOUS!


  • I don’t really like the colour on my lips, it looks very reddish instead of much pink.


Perhaps, I might get another lip balm that doesn’t contain any colour or tint…

It’s a sunday, and I had my dinner with them at The Soup Restuarant located in the basement 2 near Fairprice Xtra in AMK Hub.

The food at The Soup Restaurant was pretty good and tasty, like their famous Samsui Chicken that we ordered and as well as others, and personally, I think their fried rice are also good too!

And luckily we came early today, else we’ll be queueing up (long queue out there!) and waiting…Of course, early birds gets the better seats! (Pssst. Those seats with curtains are so much more comfy as you get back rest rather than sitting on stools! So, come early!)


They’ll serve you a small plate of steamed soft peanuts, sweet and nice! 🙂

I finish quite an amount, and there’s little left! Oops! 😉


Porcelain table setting, very chinese style…


Red cut chilli, not for me though! 😛



 First Dish that was serve to us: Samsui Chicken with ginger dip and lettuce for wraps.

(I love the tender chicken and the ginger dip sure goes really well with the chicken! Plus, the ginger doesn’t have that strong pungent ginger taste, it taste sweet!)


 Up next was the soup-of-the-day, Spare Ribs boiled with carrots and corn soup, aka the ABC soup.


 Then came the Seafood Tofu, with thousand island sauce for dipping.


Up next, 8 Treasures which is a vegetarian dish, contains lots of vegetarian food items like mushroom, gingko nuts, and some others that I’ve not sure about the name…


Lastly, came this Cherry Tomatoes Pork with Sweet n Sour Sauce…

(My meimei gobble down this entire dish, finishing all the meat that’s in this dish! Now, you’ll know the underlying reason for her being so fat!)


So, there’s actually another dish called Stir Fried Onion Pork Slices, that one was pretty yummy, tasted really like those japanese bento dish, plus the meat was soft and tender, as it’s the “san-cen-rou” that they used. But, I didn’t snap a photo of that because my father started digging in before I could even snap a decent photo…Oh wellls!

I guess that’s it for today…See you in my next post…



I went on a shopping spree at Bugis Street today!

Sure, I have bought quite a handful of stuffs from the “so-many” shopping bags that you can spot!

But the main purpose of this trip was to get some decent clothings for school, since school is starting soon… *SIGHS*


And my best buy of this trip is this pair of flats!!!

I’m so loving it for the pretty ribbon bow right at the front!

And what’s school without a pair of comfy flats to go with?


And this was what I wore today, not with the sunglasses on a rainy day of course!

But mint sunglasses and mint top sure looks good!



School is starting soon and I’ve decided to give my hair a new colour. Thus, I went to the supermarket, Fairprice Xtra to look for the hairdyes. Indeed, there was so many brands and colours to choose from, like Liese, Loreal, Revlon, and some many other unfamiliar brands, I choose Gatsby.

Perhaps, I thought the colour would look nice on my head, and of course, I was on a budget, so I’ve decided to go for a cheaper one that my usual choice, Liese.

In the end I bought this Gatsby Bubble Type Bleach & Color in Antique Brown…Image

Perhaps, the hairdye was for men, since the model on the box was a guy, but still, I’ve decided to try it on my hair! 🙂


The instructions on the box, similar to Liese’s. Nothing complicated.

ImageSo here’s the shade of brown that I’m most likely to expect, a darker type of brown.


And here’s the what you can expect colour from different shades of hair. But still, don’t expect much from self-hairdyes.


What you can find from the box: A pair of rubber gloves, A set of instructions, A nozzle cap, A bottle of solution and A bottle of colour.


So, you’re supposed to add the colour to the solution bottle…and SHAKE WELL!


Change the cap to the nozzle one. And let’s start dyeing!


Before: Taken with camera flashlight.


After: With camera flashlight again!


And, under normal lighting, my hair looks dark brown:D

Of course, I think that Gatsby hair dye has it both pros and cons…


  • Even hair dye from roots to tip, the colour is pretty much evenly spread out.
  • Waiting time is short, takes about 25mins only!
  • The strong hair dye smell (ammonia) DOES NOT EXIST! It doesn’t have much smell except some nice floral smell.


  • The hair dye mix was so strong that my scalp was hurting and pricking when I was dyeing my hair! And my skin turn red too! Definitely not for sensitive skin!
  • After washing out the dye, my hair was in terrible condition, SUPER DRY AND HARD! I had to use lots of conditioner on my hair, and even so, my hair keeps tangling itself.

Perhaps, visiting a salon for a hair dye would still be the best, but if you’re on a budget, perhaps you might want to try out Gatsby, but be prepared to buy a super good conditioner for your aftercare.

Else, I would still prefer Liese or Loreal.

So, what’s your preferred brand?

Sun, Sand, Sea!

We decided to head to Sentosa during this end semester break!

And although the sun that day wasn’t really that sunny and hot at all, more of cloudy and about to rain weather, my suntanning plan actually had to foil because there was no sun…*SIGHS*

But, still we had so much fun there!ImageI was waiting for the train…



Waiting for Sentosa Express…but seriously, it’s my first time boarding the monorail from Vivocity!


We played beach volleyball, but only for a while…


Emrys’s flip flops, aztec prints sure looks pretty enough!


ImageImageOur spooky pre-halloween photo! BOO!

ImageImageJumpshoots, my fav! 😀



ImageA very unglam one! YIKES!

ImageFinally a nice one!

ImageLike I wasn’t ready… OOPSIE DAISIE!

ImageMy gorgeous hair wet with seawater and dusted with sand:P

But WeiYi captured it well!


BRACE FACE RULES! I’m so random xD


And we went to the Southern most point of Southeast Asia 😀

ImageWe ended the trip with a dinner at Jia Xiang Mian!

ImageIt’s actually Kor-Loh mee, in malaysia’s terms!


ImageAnd I shall end off with my favourite photo!

Hopefully I’ll get to go Sentosa again! Till next time…

Can’t wait!~

My Favourite Pastime!

Chick Flicks, Teen Flicks, High School Flicks, they’ve been the best!

I’ve always enjoy watching movies, not horror ones nor thrillers, perhaps romance would be the ideal category for me. But personally, I think that chick,teens,high school flicks would still be the best representation for my favourite types of movies!




I really do enjoy spending some nice time, dressed down in just my purple oversized worn out shirt and a pair of black snuggly fit pants, laying down in the perfect position on my bed with my pillows and then watching the movie on my laptop. Whether is it morning, noon, evening, night or perhaps midnight, I just enjoy watching those flicks on my laptop.

You know, such flicks, always have those dramatic starting and the “problem” which is the climax that’s usually not that ideal, probably making situation at its worst, and when the show actually reaches near it’s end, miraculously all these problems get solved instantly and always ends, with a perfectly happily ever after ending or at least an ending where most girls like me expects it to!

I know that sometimes watching these flicks repetitively and constantly may be boring, but I’ve always enjoyed myself watching them! It’s just my favourite pastime when I have nothing else better to do!

And, if you think that such pastime would something that you might want to consider, I could suggest some of those flicks to you!


So, perhaps you’re still a young teen, not too much of sex stuffs for you, so flicks like the entire series of A Cinderella Story, Princess Diaries, Mean Girls or Legally Blonde might be a good start for you! Of course, there are also, Bride Wars, 13 Going On 30, Sydney White, Princess Protection Programme,View From The Top (My favourite! Gosssh! I love it! Gwyneth Pathrow being the air stewardess, and the memorable tagline, “Never get anything in the way of your destiny!” I can totally remember it!).

And, if you are in for some matured themed chick flicks, there’s the awesome The House Bunny, What’s Your Number?, Easy A, but, there’s the whole entire coolest and BEST movie series of American Pie that’s something you definitely don’t want to MISS!!!

I know the list can go and on, and I’ve watched tonnes of them already and some, I’ve totally forgot the titles, so you can actually go check them out yourself!

So, enjoy!~