My Favourite Pastime!

Chick Flicks, Teen Flicks, High School Flicks, they’ve been the best!

I’ve always enjoy watching movies, not horror ones nor thrillers, perhaps romance would be the ideal category for me. But personally, I think that chick,teens,high school flicks would still be the best representation for my favourite types of movies!




I really do enjoy spending some nice time, dressed down in just my purple oversized worn out shirt and a pair of black snuggly fit pants, laying down in the perfect position on my bed with my pillows and then watching the movie on my laptop. Whether is it morning, noon, evening, night or perhaps midnight, I just enjoy watching those flicks on my laptop.

You know, such flicks, always have those dramatic starting and the “problem” which is the climax that’s usually not that ideal, probably making situation at its worst, and when the show actually reaches near it’s end, miraculously all these problems get solved instantly and always ends, with a perfectly happily ever after ending or at least an ending where most girls like me expects it to!

I know that sometimes watching these flicks repetitively and constantly may be boring, but I’ve always enjoyed myself watching them! It’s just my favourite pastime when I have nothing else better to do!

And, if you think that such pastime would something that you might want to consider, I could suggest some of those flicks to you!


So, perhaps you’re still a young teen, not too much of sex stuffs for you, so flicks like the entire series of A Cinderella Story, Princess Diaries, Mean Girls or Legally Blonde might be a good start for you! Of course, there are also, Bride Wars, 13 Going On 30, Sydney White, Princess Protection Programme,View From The Top (My favourite! Gosssh! I love it! Gwyneth Pathrow being the air stewardess, and the memorable tagline, “Never get anything in the way of your destiny!” I can totally remember it!).

And, if you are in for some matured themed chick flicks, there’s the awesome The House Bunny, What’s Your Number?, Easy A, but, there’s the whole entire coolest and BEST movie series of American Pie that’s something you definitely don’t want to MISS!!!

I know the list can go and on, and I’ve watched tonnes of them already and some, I’ve totally forgot the titles, so you can actually go check them out yourself!

So, enjoy!~


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