Sun, Sand, Sea!

We decided to head to Sentosa during this end semester break!

And although the sun that day wasn’t really that sunny and hot at all, more of cloudy and about to rain weather, my suntanning plan actually had to foil because there was no sun…*SIGHS*

But, still we had so much fun there!ImageI was waiting for the train…



Waiting for Sentosa Express…but seriously, it’s my first time boarding the monorail from Vivocity!


We played beach volleyball, but only for a while…


Emrys’s flip flops, aztec prints sure looks pretty enough!


ImageImageOur spooky pre-halloween photo! BOO!

ImageImageJumpshoots, my fav! 😀



ImageA very unglam one! YIKES!

ImageFinally a nice one!

ImageLike I wasn’t ready… OOPSIE DAISIE!

ImageMy gorgeous hair wet with seawater and dusted with sand:P

But WeiYi captured it well!


BRACE FACE RULES! I’m so random xD


And we went to the Southern most point of Southeast Asia 😀

ImageWe ended the trip with a dinner at Jia Xiang Mian!

ImageIt’s actually Kor-Loh mee, in malaysia’s terms!


ImageAnd I shall end off with my favourite photo!

Hopefully I’ll get to go Sentosa again! Till next time…

Can’t wait!~


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