It’s a sunday, and I had my dinner with them at The Soup Restuarant located in the basement 2 near Fairprice Xtra in AMK Hub.

The food at The Soup Restaurant was pretty good and tasty, like their famous Samsui Chicken that we ordered and as well as others, and personally, I think their fried rice are also good too!

And luckily we came early today, else we’ll be queueing up (long queue out there!) and waiting…Of course, early birds gets the better seats! (Pssst. Those seats with curtains are so much more comfy as you get back rest rather than sitting on stools! So, come early!)


They’ll serve you a small plate of steamed soft peanuts, sweet and nice! 🙂

I finish quite an amount, and there’s little left! Oops! 😉


Porcelain table setting, very chinese style…


Red cut chilli, not for me though! 😛



 First Dish that was serve to us: Samsui Chicken with ginger dip and lettuce for wraps.

(I love the tender chicken and the ginger dip sure goes really well with the chicken! Plus, the ginger doesn’t have that strong pungent ginger taste, it taste sweet!)


 Up next was the soup-of-the-day, Spare Ribs boiled with carrots and corn soup, aka the ABC soup.


 Then came the Seafood Tofu, with thousand island sauce for dipping.


Up next, 8 Treasures which is a vegetarian dish, contains lots of vegetarian food items like mushroom, gingko nuts, and some others that I’ve not sure about the name…


Lastly, came this Cherry Tomatoes Pork with Sweet n Sour Sauce…

(My meimei gobble down this entire dish, finishing all the meat that’s in this dish! Now, you’ll know the underlying reason for her being so fat!)


So, there’s actually another dish called Stir Fried Onion Pork Slices, that one was pretty yummy, tasted really like those japanese bento dish, plus the meat was soft and tender, as it’s the “san-cen-rou” that they used. But, I didn’t snap a photo of that because my father started digging in before I could even snap a decent photo…Oh wellls!

I guess that’s it for today…See you in my next post…



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