Sweet & Sour Fish in Cantonese Style!

I was craving for some decent home-cooked food with simple dishes and a bowl of plain rice, and since tuesday I ended school early, I headed down to Fairprice Xtra to buy some groceries for dinner…

Sometimes, I think that heading to fairprice xtra, carrying that green plastic basket, and looking like a classic student, looks abit weird. Like those aunties would be looking at me as if why would a student be shopping for fish, veggy, and all those stuffs that most youngsters won’t want to touch.

Anyway, I enjoy shopping for groceries, especially when I’m listening to music from my earphones and then heading to those various familiar sections of the supermarket to look for the items I want and then putting them into my basket…IT’S FUN!

So, I’ve actually cooked sweet and sour fish in cantonese style because I’ve always been a fan of fish!



Looks really appetizing and tasty right? 

From coating the fish, frying the fish to cooking the sauce, I did it all by myself!

Anyway, it’s easy-peasy! 

Cooking is much easier than baking!

And, did I mentioned that it tasted good too?

Especially with a bowl of plain white rice…LOVELY~



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