My First Worst Moment In Poly Life!

It wasn’t just any worst moment that you can imagine like waking up on the wrong side of my bed, a bad hair day nor studying for the wrong paper. It was much more worst than any of it…

I went to school in the morning as usual and feeling afresh despite the 4 hours of sleep that I had after rushing for a reflection paper that was suppose to be submitted in the morning. After the submission of the reflection paper, I attended the lecture that I have been missing pretty frequently, and half an hour past the lecture, a sudden pain started to creep into my tummy.

The pain lasted quite some time and then I realized that it wasn’t any normal tummy ache. It was my CRAMPS! Then, it started to get worst every single minute where the pain comes off and on and each time it comes back, it hurts more than the previous time. This is when I started panicking!

Of course, I wasn’t expecting it to come so soon because I just had it on the 9th of January and today’s the 1st of February and it came! Worst of all, I did not bring my precious pontalon to school 

ImageSo for those who do not know what is Pontalon, it’s actually a stronger dose of painkillers for menses or post-operation pain. It comes in the form of capsule with green and white cap. Nonetheless, similar products to Pontalon is Ponstan and the main ingredient is mefenamic acid.

So, once the lecture ended, I rushed straight to my school’s bookshop to buy pink panadol which is my next alternative since I did not have pontalon with me. (I know my school’s bookshop is an amazing shop that sells almost every single thing that you need such as medicine (charcoal pills for diarrhea), sewing kids, socks, swimming costume, snacks.)

ImageIf you were wondering what’s pink panadol, it’s actually Panadol Menstrual and the reason I called it pink panadol because it was pink in colour! And that the word “menstrual” doesn’t sounds like a nice word to me…

So, after my purchase, I quickly pop 2 of the pink panadols into my mouth and then I had my breakfast at Mcdonalds where I ordered my favourite Egg Mcmuffin set meal. Of course, I didn’t enjoy the meal as much as I do when I did not have the stabbing pain at my lower abdomen.

As time pass, the pink panadols did not have any effect on me so I guess I’m kind of immune to it already and requires stronger dosage of painkillers so save me! Then I had to attend my tutorials with such horrendous pain, that I ended up tearing and weeping in the midst of my classmates presentation! THE PAIN WAS UNBEARABLE! 

During the class, I messaged my best friend with a save my life message and she started to worry and ask around her friends if they had any pills for menses cramps. Thankfully, one of her groupmates had pills that were prescribed from the doctor for the cramps! And they were much stronger than the pink panadols!

I took them and I felt much better half an hour later!

She really saved my life and took away the horrendous pain that was killing me for the past few hours!


This made me realize that some girls are just so lucky to be blessed with a healthy set of female reproductive organs that does not kills them during the period of the month! I wish I could be one of those lucky girls as well…Still, there ain’t gonna be any way!

I’ve got a sad life!


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