Friends from Work!

Friends from Work!

Ok, I know look disastrously ugly and cui in this photo because it was taken in the morning and I only had like 3hours of sleep and then waking up for work again.

But still, it was a nice photo capturing my OOTD!

Anyway, these is the group of people that I have been working together in Regent this holiday and they have been very awesome peeps than the people I work with the last holiday!

So now you know why I enjoyed working in Regent this holiday so badly. They are really fun and funny people!

Most importantly, they don’t bite!

And, the girl on my left is Kendy, she’s really pretty right?

And and, the guy in this photo is Kah Jun, from the same agency too! I’ve worked with him a couple of times already, but it’s only recently we starting talking. Haha, blame me for my shyness!

As for the other two girls, I have known them through the Regent’s Staff Dinner and Dance. They are very nice people too!

Anyway, I love this holiday working in Regent so much because meeting and knowing a group of fun, funny and friendly peeps and working with them was so much of a joy despite all the tiredness in me!


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