Sad girl with Sad life.

Guess what? I’m turning 19 in just a few days time!

I don’t know if I should rejoice or be depressed over it because I will be another year older!

The saddest part of this year is that I’m going to celebrate it alone. Yes, I didn’t type it wrongly, alone!

Everyone is just busy and caught up with their stuff, and there I am looking for someone to accompany me during my birthday.

Well, I guess my search to look for someone to accompany me on my birthday is gonna be a waste in efforts because I’m just a nobody.

Anyway, grandma is in the hospital and no one will probably even remember my birthday except myself.

I know it’s kind of sad and pathetic but well, I guess life goes on right?

Maybe I just camp at home and then sleep the day away and who knows, 18th of May would be gone in a flash like how it was in the past.

Yeah. I know I’m awesome with it.

Seriously, I think birthdays really do show friends who are really true to you and those who are not. 

Anyway, I’m cool being alone. Or maybe not.