Give me a second chance…

If God would give me a second chance, I wish to restart everything again.

I would do it better this time I promise.

Not going to waste my life away, and I’m going to cherish grandma more.

I want to be smart, be pretty and be less-self centred.

Ever since those taunts, I’ve became more self-centred, trying to do things that benefit myself more than benefiting others.

I didn’t used to be like that. The selfish side of me slowly gaining control of my life.

Why. Why couldn’t I be more aware of my surroundings, the people around me?

Sometimes, it can be just that contradicting, as much as you wish to care for those around you, particularly schoolmates, the way they compete with you in education, ignoring you, it just give you the doubt if you should care for them.

And maybe, I’ve seen enough of the ugly side of humans.

All I wish now is to give me second chance, restart everything and never grow any older again.

Dita Von Teese Inspired!

I have been very into Burlesque moves lately ever since watching the movie- Burlesque with the gorgeous Christina Aguilera when she was skinny.


Now, I’ve got this huge admiration with Dita Von Teese. She’s a burlesque dancer, she’s beautiful, gorgeous and a very amazing woman, I have to say. I love her burlesque moves especially, it’s fascinating!

Anyway, I got bored and attempted to re-create the burlesque dancers make-up look because their eyes looks gorgeous and those red lips, really melts me so much that I couldn’t stop myself from loving it.

ImageSo here’s the geeky looking me with my fake specs before makeup!

Image ImageSome collages that I did!


Some awkward and weird pose that I did! xD


My eyes sure look big enough!


Pretending to be cute hehehe! ^^



I love this one so badly! It looks so nice haha!


The what’s up look!


Did somebody just gave me a tight slap? Ouch! 😛


I need a tough love…wooohooo!


Drown me with alcohol baby!


In attempt to be elegant and graceful! Haha! Weird combi!


Lip biting! Delish~


Come here baby!


Pretty shot! hahaha!Image

The bad girl look! I’m so loving this one!


 Ending it off with a sweet girl smile!

I think prefer to smile! Haha~

So what do you all think of my look?

How is the naughty and sultry burlesque look?