Friends are important people in your life that might come and go, and some that stays by your side for all the good and bad times that you are going through, provide you with the physical support and emotional encouragement. They are also the ones who you can count on them no matter what happens.

For me, I have known this girl in my first year of my secondary school education, and she is none other than Siru.


Ever since last night where we went drinking together, she got drunk, and started blabbering nonsense and answered all the questions that we asked her, In particularly to the question, ” What do you think of Shi Yun?” She started to answer it and it made me realize how important my presence is to her.

Also, we have actually come a long way since secondary school because the initial stage of our friendship wasn’t an easy one. We quarrelled because of different backgrounds and most importantly, the ability to not to understand each other’s feelings, needs and wants and putting ourselves in each other’s shoes.

Of course, during the year where O’level started, a major quarrel broke out and we hadn’t talk to each other for weeks, it was crazy and I could still remember how much I hated her at that period because it was the first time I ever scolded vulgarities, “FUCK YOU!” I have never been so angry and angst at someone before and even if I would I wouldn’t scold vulgarities because it was crude and uncultured.

Eventually, we managed to patched up and after all that, we learnt to better understand each other more, especially in respecting each other’s choice and decisions, and not hurting each other because of our selfishness.

As we grew up together, we have changed a lot, from the little girls to now, teens and soon-to-be adults, we have learnt to understand each other so well, our characters and thinking that so much so that we do not even have to ask each other and we could understand what the other is trying to say and think. The way we communicate with one another might sound really absurd and ridiculous to the third party because there is no way that you could understand what we are talking but to us, we are able to.

This is just the most amazing thing ever!


I know it wasn’t an easy road to come so far with being friends for 7 years (and counting!), we have travelled twice together to Bali and Taiwan, spend great memories together in the ups and downs of our life, be it education, love or family, we have provided support for one another, I couldn’t say that my life has become worst because of you, but I can’t deny the fact that my life has also improved because of you. Without such a good friend like you, who is able to accept every flaws and annoying side of me, I wouldn’t be able to be that crazy, that drama, that hilarious and most importantly, being able to be myself for who I truly am.



For that, cheer to the 7 years of friendship that we have accumulated so far and best friends forever!


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