20 Facts About Me

This, #20FactsAboutMe hashtag has been trending on Instagram lately and has been quite awhile already. There has been a few friends who tagged me into doing it and I didn’t had the time to do it because I was so busy with adapting to internship and some other stuffs, and since it’s my off day so I shall do it today! (I shall try my best to state some facts that are not repetitive of what you might have known of me already from the posts.)


#1: I’m a lefty!

#2: I have a younger sister who is younger than me by 7 years and her name is, Zi Yun.

#3: I don’t resemble my parents nor my sister at all.

#4: The red patch on my right arm is a birthmark.

#5: I have eczema and because of it, I have lots of scars left on my legs.

#6: My mother is from Malaysia, Kota Tinggi and that’s why I put my Facebook “Where I am from” as Kota Tinggi, because I love that small little place.

#7: I took up Drama as my O’Level elective, and yes, I’m pretty dramatic if I’m close with you.

#8: I’m always late for school and rarely late for work.

#9: I have little friends in school and have 3 bffs because I feel that I don’t need many friends but rather a few close ones would be more than enough.

#10: I have a crazy obsession over cats and call them “Baby, Honey, Sweetiepie, etc”, basically what you would call your loved ones, especially boyfie.

#11: As much as I love heels and wedges, I still prefer to wear flats and sandals because they are comfortable and easy to walk in, but not slippers as they are too casual. (Except when I’m at the beach)

#12: I can’t swim. I nearly drown in the pool when I had my first swimming lesson because the coach wasn’t paying attention at all and was saved by my classmate and from then on, I had the fear of water.

#13: As much as I fear water, I still love to go to the beach to suntan! 🙂

#14: My favourite colours are purple and white.

#15: I can speak hokkien fluently!

#16: I am not a very smart person particularly at studies.

#17: I was once a bookworm and enjoyed going to the library to borrow books, like Mr Midnight, Roald Dahl books and I still do occasionally now.

#18: I always fall ill when I’m overly stressed particularly when a new semester starts.

#19: I worked hard and scrimped and save to pay for my braces treatment which costed me around $4,500 excluding the retainers.

#20: I love chic flicks and romance movies and yes, I’m a very girly girl!

And finally, I’ve finished it! It’s so hard to come up with 20 facts so randomly and suddenly! 🙂



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