Just Recently.

ImageProbably, I’ve just had one of the nerdiest looking haircut ever with so short layered bangs where my eyebrows are being exposed.

I should stop complaining even though many said that I look cute in such hairstyle but if it wasn’t that I ruined my fringe by attempting to cut my bangs myself, I would not have end up running to the salon and ask the hair stylist to fix the ruined fringe or bangs. To add things worst, she cut an inch and a little more to my hair length, which thwarted my plans of keeping long hair. For I was planning to do some nice highlights with my “future” long hair, now this hair plan needs to be postponed to some other day.

 Oops, I forgot to mentioned that my orthodontist is planning to remove my braces asap! I’m just left with one more dental appointment before my braces could be remove! Of course, the silly me whom love those metal braces to bits requested if I could wear them longer because I didn’t really had the confidence to remove them and I felt that it was cool to have colours in my mouth! Honestly, I am quite excited to see how would I look without braces, but to the shocking realization that the days with braces is coming to end soon is just pretty unacceptable for me…and so, I really hope I can wear them slightly longer. Hehehe 🙂

And I have to add on that this year’s Christmas’ eve and particularly New Year’s eve have been a blast for me as for both days, I was out with friends and no longer stayed at home, camping in front of the tv watching Christmas Eve special’s movies, shows and lazing the day away wishing that I could be out somewhere in the streets, basking in the holiday’s atmosphere. In particular, New Year’s Eve was the best highlight to end 2013 because I went to the Siloso Beach Countdown Party with a bunch of awesome friends and it was my first time ever attending a beach party, it felt really cool because I get to dress down, not having to wear makeup was like one of the best thing. Not forgetting getting to wear a bikini and party in the foam pool which was so much of a fun with the company of those girls!

I have been happy, but I need to catch up alot on school work too!




2 thoughts on “Just Recently.

  1. really? This is the haircut i like best! This is maximum cuteness. I’ve tried for 20 years to get yan to cut her hair like this.
    I always wondered if you had eyebrows.

    • Hahah, I love bangs actually. They make a person look younger and cuter, but then again, bangs are hard to maintain and they overgrow quickly. You will have to trim it often or else it gets irritating. I was too overwhelmed by my grandma’s departure and wasn’t bothered about my hair much but to just keep it short and the fringe long so that I could just sweep back into a ponytail (easy and low maintenance).

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