Male Chauvinist

In the current society, the numbers of male chauvinist is dwindling but then again, such males still do exist in the society. They could be someone around you or maybe someone that you have just brushed shoulders past. Personally, I do not really find fault with male chauvinists unless I come in close contact with them such as striking a conversation and maintaining a talk or a topic with them is what I irks most. (I don’t mean to be mean and criticize them because I know the existence of feminists, but I just can’t stand the way that they behave!)


You know what…

1. They always think they are right.

Male chauvinists always insist that their beliefs and thinking are always right and no matter how much you try to persuade them using your persuasive skills that was being taught to you in your secondary school days, they just don’t work, AT ALL!!! I don’t see what is the point of being so egoistic and that perhaps admitting your fault or lowering your head a little might just make someone’s bad day better. What’s the use of being so persistent in something when it isn’t a competition?

2. They only care for themselves.

Males chauvinists only think for themselves and the world only revolves around them, yes, just them! Your existence is probably just to make them feel superior and better. Just like how slavery works, they are the masters and you are their slaves, you have to obey, obey and obey, defiance would just get you killed. No, I am really serious about it. Majority of the conversation consist of them talking, complaining or even whining about how bad their day is, how much they dislike this person, that girl, criticizing how the person’s look behaviour, etc. This brings me to the next point.

3. They are the “BEST GUYS IN THE WORLD”.

Male chauvinists have the idea that they are best people alive in the world. They think that they are most hottest and good-looking guy in the world, even my favourite Ryan Reynolds or everyone’s favourite Taylor Lautner is not comparable to them. (I know you probably go WTF, but yes that’s my reaction too.) Also, they think that they have the best personalities that one should ever possess. For instance, they could go on whining about how they dislike over a particular tiny weeny item for minutes and hours. Oh God! A gentleman would never do such stuff! One should forgive and forget and should have a big heart for any mistakes or things that they dislike, RIGHT?

Ladies, maybe I should put in some good words for these male chauvinists. They aren’t all bad actually… Sometimes their male chauvinist traits might just be what you like.

1. Male chauvinists are loyal.

Just because they are chauvinists, they would not cheat and be unfaithful to you. Instead, it is not right for a male to cheat on your girl, but the main caution here is that if you ladies, ever do cheat on your “male chauvinist” then you had better be very very very careful for their hatred could just multiply and grow within seconds!




I just realized I have nothing much positive to say about these male chauvinists….


Given a chance, I would rather chose a gentleman over a male chauvinist.

And that if I ever met a male chauvinist, I would definitely…




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