Stagnant Growth

Everyone’s graduating, everyone except me. 

They’ve made plans about their future career or education, everyone except me.

A little or maybe a bit more, but they have grew up, quite alot, everyone except me.

Somewhat internship had made everyone change, they became more hospitality-inclined and that from the look afar, you could probably guess that they are hospitality students, but for me, I am still the lost sheep.

Seeing everyone that is about to graduate, I feel kind of disappointed that I am not able to graduate with them, or you could say that I am being “retained”. The outlook on my future education path is not so optimistic, bleak and probably hopeless. I don’t know if I could ever graduate from this horrible diploma and that I ruin the one and only chance fighting for my university studies.

My parents have always been harsh on me, just like how I went to the Ministry of Youth with my O’Level Certificate and that good grades of mine to score for the opportunity to continue studies after secondary school. If I didn’t I probably end up being a cleaner, or married to some hopeless dudes. Still, even I did get the opportunity to study, I wasn’t allow to pick something I like.

In the moment of fit, I just decided not to put in effort in studying, things got worst when school politics starts kicking in, backstabbers that totally ruined everything, I failed my 60% coursework and that’s it. END OF THE WORLD!

I had to repeat another module, one more year, $2,400 for another semester and RETAIN!

I thought I was able to quickly end this course, take the diploma certificate and dump it to them, “here you go, I have gotten the diploma that you all wanted, now can I study something I truly love?”

I’m in no terms to negotiate with them anymore.

Life truly sucks indeed and even though I really wanted to major something in relation to Chinese language, there just seems to be 1001 obstacles.

Why are rich kids route to their dreams seem to be so easy and that bad luck people like me seems otherwise?


One thought on “Stagnant Growth

  1. well.don’t know where to start. found your blog by accident,something to do with looking at taiwan coffee selfies. yes, there is a such a thing, prints a picture of YOU in the foam of your latte! hard to believe, i know. look, I feel a little worried about the lack of hope that seems to underlie this post. I know singapore is a fiercly competetive society( my wife is Tampines girl) and people think only of financial sucess. your parents have pushed you too hard in the wrong direction. but there is a big world outside of singapore and a whole lot of possiblities out there.
    i have j ust browsed through some of your entries,haven’t read in depth or carefully( i should be doing somethin useful right now…working out in the garden before the rain hits,) but my brief impression of you is that of someone destined for a ahappy and perhaps even an adventurous life ( if there is still room for adventure in this digital world). A life of your own making. you seem to have a sense of humour, a serious mind, an ability to look at yourself with understanding. on top of that, you are adorably cute. you have a ind of look well suited to a career as an actress in light comedies…that is to say, a warm, quirky and yes, slight silly expression that is so delightful to see. A face that makes other people happy to know you, I’m sure.
    I don’t want to give specific advice cause i don’t know much about you but i do have confidence in you. although…i think you said something about hoping to finish the course well and then be free of it. you have to retake some classes? is that so bad? focus on it and get it done and over.
    you didn’t say what you wanted to do/study, did you/

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