It’s a saturday and probably one of the best saturday ever for I just booked my 2D1N short getaway trip to Melaka with Siru! We bought the Groupon which cost us $90/per pax that consist of 2way WTS coach to Melaka and 1 night stay in Makhota Hotel.



I am not expecting much from the accommodation and the coach, I just hope that it will be comfortable, fun and fabulous! I am looking forward to heading to Jonker Street and get my hands to the famous bowl of Durian Chendol which I had back in like more than a year ago.

I really can’t wait for the 27th of April (tentatively) to arrive soon! Even though I may be heading for a 8 days trip to phuket, I am more of looking forward to this short getaway with Siru because she, so far, has been quite a good travel companion or at least we can click pretty well.



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