Next Stop, Phuket!

Another destination off my checklist in the “Sun Sand Sea” category, Phuket. It was a lengthy 9 Days 8 Nights trip, supposedly known to be a graduation trip with the poly group. On overall, I wouldn’t say that it wasn’t fun, but rather Phuket is very beautiful and I love the beautiful weather despite getting sunburnt. I had no complaints about the food even though some of the delicacies such as Tom Yum could be slightly spicy, but with Cha Yen, Cha Dam Yen and all the fresh fruit blended juices, spicy wasn’t a problem at all.

Best of all, I managed to learn some simple Thai phrases such as:

Sa-wa-dee-ka : which means hello for girls (karp for guys)

Kop-bunt-ka : which means thank you for girls (karp for guys)

ka : which means yes

mai-ao : which means no

P-name : addressing someone as a senior, for formality purposes

Neng, Song, Sum, Si, Ha : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

It wasn’t that hard after all, trying to learn some basic thai for travel purposes!

So here’s Day 1: We took Jetstar and did an online check-in which we could head straight to boarding gate without having to head to the counters. Pros? You could arrive later at the airport. Cons? You need to print a hardcopy of your boarding pass. We arrived in Phuket in the late afternoon, had a good meal and then proceeded to the Indigo Patong Hotel. First night, drinking session ON!




Day 2: There was hangover and all of them woke up late and after Pad Thai lunch, we headed to Surin Beach and booking of Phi Phi Island One Day Tour.

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Day 3: We headed out to Phi Phi Island the water was really clear and beautiful! How much I wish the girls would be able to see that and Siru too! After getting back to the hotel, rest and cleaning up, we headed for dinner and then to Bangla Road to Monsoon! I saw tonnes of ladyboys and impressively the night scene was spectacular and my jaws just dropped when I saw those that were dancing on the pole. It was fiery HOT!

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IMG-20140412-WA0017 IMG-20140418-WA0009

Day 4: Everyone had pretty bad hangover and we all woke up late, so pretty much wasted the whole morning and afternoon and then we headed to Central Festival for a meal, I think. I couldn’t really recall what exactly did we do, after the vomit on Day 6.

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Day 5: We checked out of Indigo Patong and headed to Jungceylon with a quick lunch before P Wirote picked us up and drove us to Indochine, the beautiful pool villa that we stayed in for 2 nights! The villa was beautiful but the pool waters kind of made my eczema act up, itchy skin all over. We also when to the night market and took a motorbike taxi! Honestly, it’s considered my first time riding on a bike on the main road WITHOUT HELMET! To end the fabulous night, there was a pool party but there was barely any people and it wasn’t like how I think parties were in those Youtube videos.

Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 IMG-20140413-WA0044 IMG-20140413-WA0045

Day 6: I had an awesome breakfast at Indochine and after breakfast, my day literally ended. I BLACK OUT. Well, it all thanks to Ibuprofen and Alcohol. I was “dead”. (I knew menses was coming, so I took Ibuprofen to delay the starting date and somewhat, I took alcohol and that’s it. GG!)

Camera 360 Camera 360

Day 7:  Checked out of Indochine and checked in into Indigo Patong again where Pam decides to sleep with Ally, leaving me to a big queen bed for myself! The rest went out for Go-kart while I stayed in the room, still not well. But, they came back with a red velvet cake for me that I told Pam to help me buy it after seeing Ally’s instapic.

Camera 360 Camera 360 DSC_1663


Day 8: Last second day of the trip where P Wirote drove us out for a Phuket Day tour and Wei En fell ill and ChongHuang had to send him back. P Wirote brought us around to the temples and beautiful sights which the whole journey I was trying to tell myself to endure endure for the nausea feeling felt so bad.

Camera 360 Camera 360 IMG-20140417-WA0009

Day 9: Finally, I am getting back to Singapore. I simply couldn’t can’t wait to step foot into Singapore! Somewhat, I would miss P Wirote for being such a nice person for bringing us around and all his funny jokes just made me laugh and giggle! Oh, and I stepped foot into Thailand cinema watching Noah at Central Festival!

Camera 360 Camera 360 C360_2014-04-16-21-51-04-777_mh1397727234204IMG-20140418-WA0037And that’s the end of the trip..    xxx

Here’s Indigo Patong Room Tour, presenting you tour guide Yun!

Lastly, something for you all!