Cafe Hopping in Holland Village!

Yesterday, it was rather an impromptu decision to go with my bff for dinner since someone was quite busy that he has no time for me, which left my weekends plan empty. Thankfully, Siru was free to be able to meet me and I managed to convinced her to go cafe-hopping with me! Of course, I managed to get my cravings satisfied and took lots of pretty photos! I guess I can always count on her!

The first cafe we went for dinner was at D’ Good Cafe in Holland Village, it’s located extremely near to the MRT station and I managed to find it without any difficulty. Since it was a weekend, the cafe was slightly crowded and that the popular swing seats were hard to get, we wanted to sat there and we waited for quite some time but eventually got to hungry and decide to settle down in a corner. We ordered Eggs Benedict ($13.50) and Mushroom Quiche ($13.00) and Matcha Cream Frappe ($6.50). The cafe was self-serviced so we had to collect our food by ourselves and there was no GST or Service Charge! All food prices were in nett which means it’s quite affordable!


ImageThe food was good especially the Eggs Benedict! I kind of regret ordering the Mushroom Quiche because it was too dry and I wasn’t really a fan of chips and I ended up eyeing on Siru’s food because they looked and taste so much more nicer than mine! The matcha cream frappe was delicious too! You should definitely give it a try!



ImageThe food is finally here, let’s get started shall we? -thegluttenme

ImageWhat’s cuter than a straw with moustache!

ImageWe shamelessly took selfies at the rooftop of the cafe! 



ImageI think a best friend is someone who is willing to take selfies with you and makes you laugh…

ImageI Love this photo! ❤

The next cafe that we went was called Craft Bakery and Cafe, it was located opposite Häagen-Dazs. The decor of the cafe was very minimalist and simple, unlike D’Good Cafe there wasn’t really any spots for us to take more photos. We order the Original Molten Lava Cake ($9.50++) that came with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. The food prices weren’t in nett so there was additional 10% service charge.


ImageThe lava cake is chocolatey rich, warm, moist and soft. If you are a fan of chocolate, you would probably love it. The vanilla ice-cream wasn’t that great as the quality of the ice-cream was probably like those sold in supermarket, maybe they used Kings, Nestle or Walls vanilla ice-cream. If it was some homemade vanilla gelato, this plate of dessert would totally be heavenly.

ImageHere’s the menu for those who would be interested.

ImageImage*pretending to be obsessed with the dessert*


I had a great saturday night out at Holland Village with Siru and that we even had some heart-to-heart talk under the tree. I guess the funniest part would be kill, shag, marry questions that I post for Siru, seeing her reaction, it was just funny!


3 thoughts on “Cafe Hopping in Holland Village!

  1. excuse me? $13.50 for eggs benedict without hash browns is “really quite affordable”!? Geez…i don’t think i can afford to visit S’pore anymore. my version of affordable was going downstairs for roti and kopi susu for $1.50 or going to the hawkers center for char kuey tao for $3. S’pore is so changed, so westernized, now. btw, what do mean by “”kill,shag marry questions” ? Sounds a bit uhm…disturbing ?

    • Oops. Cafe prices are meant to be this way, for the consumers are paying for the environment and atmospher e as well.
      Well, it was meant to be as a joke, you can google that if you want.

      • I always really liked the atmosphere in hawker centers. nothing like that here. but cafes are everywhere. First few times I was in singapore I wanted to take Yan to a restaurant but
        there were no restaurants. google? google…hmm…I’v heard of that…google…duhhh 😉

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