Glenda’s Fabulous 19th!

June 20th was supposedly to be my younger sister’s birthday until I met Glenda, whose birth date falls on the same day as my younger sister which gave me a perfectly good excuse to excuse myself from celebrating her birthday…

Since, it’s the first time I’m celebrating Glenda’s birthday, I decided to ATTEMPT to bake a cake!

Disclaimer: I have never baked a cake for the whole of my life, and it’s my first time trying to do so, yes I may be able to whipped up yummy looking food and dishes but baking, it’s just a total disaster.


The cake batter after mixing it, and the hardest part was having soft butter, why couldn’t I just heat up the butter?!


After mixing in the colourings for the gluey mix, I don’t know why red looks so pink so I ended up spamming tonnes of colouring trying to make the batter red, and ended up having to warn them not to eat the red layer.


See! Red came out red and I regretted spamming in so much of the red. Stupid me. And because the yellow layer was too thin, I accidentally broke it and guess how I managed to salvage it?


Spam layers of cream over it like how glue works, and guess what?

Thankfully, Glenda didn’t notice it, I hope!!


Whipped cream! I could totally imagine the heap of fats that you are going to consume…


So this was the original version of the cake… you will probably figure it out why it’s “original”…


Taadaa the cream drooped!!!

I had totally no idea why it fell and on the exterior of the cream was like water, EW! It looked so ugly that I had to redo the cream, the next day…


Pretty cupcakes that I made the next day!


Just a pile of fats on a overly red cake.


While I was baking, I managed to find time to make this fabric board “birthday card”!

And I made a big mess in the living room and kitchen that I took part of my sleeping time to clear up the mess.


So much effort on the board and the FINAL PRODUCT looks SO pretty!

(Self-compliment because I totally needed it!)


And I made cards for Karen and Glad to write their wishes on!

I can’t believe myself coming up with such pretty stuffs with just papers, glue, scissors and an empty floral fabric board.



Guess where her guy brought her for dinner? Rochester Park and Dempsey.

So romantic. I wishes somewhat would do the same too, on my birthday…

(Better wake up and stop my dreaming…*a slap on face, phish*)


The food just looked too yummy!

And while Glenda was enjoying her dinner basking in the romantic atmosphere and her companion, we were just slacking in the room…


AND, did these!


I shall present you the END PRODUCT of the cake!!


I had to scrap off all the melted and horribly looking cream and redo it with buttercream icing! And I ended up pouring too much icing sugar, it turns out to be to sweet!

But well, at least it didn’t go out of shape! MUAHAHAAH xD


Too lazy to even decorate it anymore so I just sprinkle so rainbow sprinkles and hearts and topped it with a gummy.


Happy Glenda with the birthday cake that she couldn’t believe I baked it! YIPPEEE~~


It looks pretty when it’s cut. ❤ ❤


To the happiest girl, Glenda 😀


And we’re off to … party again!


Here’s a shot of Glenda and her Mister. Ahh, happy boy and her birthday girl!

(I wish I can meet my mister soon~bleahhh)


Kisses for you! Muacks~


What a fun night we had!

With their classmate, Ming Ai! She’s also from Malaysia, Kulai, just a little short drive away from Kota Tinggi, how COOL!


And for the first time ever, I got my brows drawn by pretty Glad!


Top 5 Turn Offs that Guys Do

This is probably a cliché and common topic on Thought Catalogue / Elite Daily / any famous bloggers.

Still, I just need to get this off my chest, it has been really burdening me for quite a period of time.

1. Pick Up Lines

Pick-up lines should be use appropriately at the right time and right setting. Most importantly, you should have your originality and not some overly used pick up lines. Pickup lines like:

  • Hi, are your parents bakers? because you look super sweet. (Hello? I’m not a product.)
  • Let’s talk shit because it’s 4am. (You should probably sleep at this timing/ or go home.)
  • The sun and clouds are a complement, can I have the honour to be your sun? (I know my nickname is 云 which means cloud, but starting with something like that totally freaks me out.)

2. Confidence

Guys who are confident tend to be more charming than those who aren’t. Simply because the lack of confidence causes you to be overly paranoid and worried that you might not be good enough for them and constantly reminding them about your flaws which in the long run may result in the girl having to reassure you to the extent that she have no energy to continue. Eventually, giving up.

3. Decisive

Girls always wish that the guys would decide majority of the things for them such as where to eat and where to go (while still keeping note of the girl’s preference as well) and perhaps helping them to pick out the one among the two clothes that she is holding on would be perfect. Still, indecisive guys would tend to let the girl make majority of the decision which sometimes stresses her out and so, she probably might just make the decision to leave because you gave her the power to decide.

4. Naggy

Nagging is not care nor concern. It’s just a plain torture to the girl’s ear. You might not realize how she dislike it until when she tells you straight in the face, and if she ever do, take the advice and change for the better or you will regret when she leaves. Nagging is irritable and the constant urge to ask her to do this do that, everyday, every week, it can be a mentally draining thing to listen or to even talk to you. She is already a grown-up, not a 3 year old kid who can’t help herself with anything, she knows what’s best better than you do, so stop the nag.

5. 出口成”脏“ (Mouth Full of Vulgarities)

Uncouth behaviour, the way a guy speak determines its well-being and that if he actually does speak a lot of vulgarities when he gets annoyed or angry or even for the minor things, it really does speaks alot on his character. I won’t say much on this because when everyone gets angry, they would scold vulgarities in a fit which is pretty understandable but when it’s on normal occasions, it doesn’t look good at all. Totally not someone you would dare to bring out to meet your friends because he might just spout any vulgarities during any conversation with your girls.

The list can go on and on… but I shall keep it to the minimum with the top 5 that I dislike the most. Character, charismatic and charming is what that really attracts me the most if people were to actually ask about what that attract me the most based on qualities in a guy. Now, I’m proud to say, I can finally answer them! YIPPEEE~~~

My 20th Birthday x M Hotel Singapore Staycation !

May 18 has been a day that I have been looking forward to since I made a new group of friends this year and that they have been the most bubbly, cheerful and caring girls I have ever been with as a clique. However, because of grandma’s departure, 6 days before my birthday on the 12th, I had a total emotional breakdown, nothing in the world makes me happy and that every little thing in my life reminds me of her, I literally cried everyday and at least twice.


The chinese-style funeral standard outfit that I had to wear.

White/Blue Pants : Grandchildren

White/Black Pants: Children

White/Green Pants: Great-Grandchildren

May 16th was the day grandma’s body was sent to the crematorium for cremation, that same day, was the day the girls booked the hotel room for me and we were supposed to be happily celebrating away, but I was not in any celebratory mood. Just that afternoon, I wonder how many times have I cried and that few days, I just binged and cried till my eyes were poofy and swollen. I know it’s that bad and the girls, being very caring, insisted that I should go for the surprise that they planned for me as it was their only way to cheer me up despite me wanting to give my 20th birthday celebration a miss.


After the funeral, I had to pack up grandma’s room and assist them in cleaning up.

My younger sis made me took this photo though!

Around evening time, I packed my bag and headed to Tanjong Pagar to meet the girls. The hotel was located at some unknown location and it took me a long time to the extend the girls came over to pick me up.


Glenda took a selfie while waiting for Karen and her guy friend, Casper.


They blindfolded me and Glad led the way to the room!

The feeling of being blindfolded it’s quite scary, pitch darkness, yet you could hear voices and giggles, curious about the surroundings but as well as fear of what might happen such as banging on the wall or tripping over someone and falling down.



Everything that suits my taste, non-chocolate cake (that won’t stain my braces) and simply decorated pastel background with the pretty balloons! The lilac balloons are my fav! COZ IT’s PURPLE!


I’m so thankful for the girls for trying their best to cheer me up and keeping me occupied awhile to prevent me from feeling sad and grieving over grandma’s death!


Spending effort to plan out this surprise for me! ❤


These polaroids were mine to keep! 🙂


My birthday cake! 😀


This was the next surprise that came in!

While we were getting changed and having our dinner, I picked up a call from the room phone and it appeared that it was Sharen! He called from his camp and asked his ex-colleague to direct the line to my room! What a pleasant surprise to hear his voice! He asked me how was the room and everything as he helped us to get late check-out and higher floor and then ask if I received anything from the in-room dining. I did not received anything at the moment when he called but after he hanged up, the door bell rang and the staff brought this brownie for me! Sharen had asked his night duty manager to deliver a birthday cake for me! I was totally surprised and totally did not expected it!



My ootd for the night! 🙂


Selfies in the lift, that had a huge full-length mirror!


We forgot to take something from the room and went back to take, and selfie time again!


You probably could guess where we are going this time from the outfit that we are wearing…

YES! We are going to Zoukkk!

It’s also Phuture Bulletproof’s 1st Anniversary, totally hyped!


While waiting for Casper to buy the mixers since he brought a bottle of Bacardi, another selfie in the convenient stall!


That’s Casper right beside Karen, he is her colleague.


The 4 of us in Zouk!


Warning: DO NOT JUDGE!

We didn’t really kissed but just posed for the fun of it!


Okay, this time I did kissed Karen on the cheek, birthday girl, FREE KISSES on the cheek!

No, I’m kidding, exclusive for the 3 girls only and Siru, if she ever wants it!


For the first time, none of the girls are drunk and we could take tonnes of photo in Zouk! It was AWESOME!


The next morning, I woke up early, feeling sad and after sneaking to the toilet to sob, I felt super duper hungry and decided to head out of the hotel to get my favourite ramen, Keisuke Tonkatsu King Ramen at Orchid Hotel while the girls were sleeping away!


Then, I took away some food for the girls and after lunch, we headed to the hotel’s pool for some suntanning and dipping in the pool and jacuzzi!

Dip, because the pool was simply too tiny for a swim.


Selfies at the pool!


Casper came by and helped us to take a photo! I hid behind because I hadn’t been exercising and that my tummy had appeared.

Most importantly, the tanlines I had, because they told me to take of my shorts and that I always wore this bikini pants for suntanning so now that I’m wearing a triangle bottom, the tanlines looks way too ugly and hilarious xD


All my pretty girls! 😉


Lucky us, a very good looking man walked past us while we were taking selfie and due to some unknown miscommunication, he thought we asked him to join us for a selfie!

But sure, he was good-looking!


There’s all my pretty girls! And it pretty sums up the whole of my birthday and staycation at M Hotel Singapore.


Collated all my birthday gifts from all of my friends from my 20th Birthday!


Lastly, I shall end this post with my favourite polaroid amongst all!

Kudos to the smart me for initiating this pose and it turns out beautiful!

The birthday surprise have been pleasantly great and all my entire life, this is the first time ever was my birthday that well-planned by someone and that I did not had to planned my birthday for myself. Thank you so much and this is the best birthday I ever had. I know I wasn’t very cooperating in taking most photos since I was feeling quite down but I tried my best to be happy and smile so that the photos would turn out great.


I was “forced” by Glenda to take this photo as I was super reluctant to take for I felt fat. (I put on some pounds and haven’t been exercising since grandma was hospitalized…)

The awkwardness, but I shall end this post here.

Happy 20th Birthday to me!

Prepping for Flea!

Since it’s the school holidays, a random idea came up to my mind of renting a stall in a flea market to clear my wardrobe as it is way too full and that the wardrobe does not have enough space to place in new clothes. Therefore, it was time to clear out the unworn clothes to make space for new ones!

You all know how girls can’t help shopping when they see something they really like!

Therefore, I asked the girls and Siru and Glenda decided to share the stall together with me!

Yesterday, Siru came over to my place to help me out with packing and deciding the price, but mostly to catch up with one another, talking and keeping each other company!


The piles of clothes I have!


And after all the sorting and organizing, we decided to take some entertaining selfies to entertain ourselves!


Being the joker among the clique, there is definitely no reason to spoil a photo with a hilarious and unglamourous selfie bomb!


I’m selling this, a chiffon top I bought in Taiwan during June 2014 but the colour don’t suit me and Siru says I look like I’m wearing a nightgown!


This one is a bustier cut-out dress, one of my loots from my Taobao haul in late 2013 as well. I really like this piece but I didn’t get the opportunity to wear it because most of my friends says that it looks like I’m barely wearing anything! 😦


The flea will be held on Saturday, 14 June 2014, 11am-8pm, F1 Pit Building.

Nearest MRT: Promenade.

Freemansland, RE/Store IV

Stall location to be confirmed only on exact date since it’s a first-come-first serve basis, I really do hope we get a good location and that I can clear all my clothes, hopefully!

*finger crossed!*

I really can’t wait for Saturday to arrive! How exciting!


You can never realize the importance of this until you transit from the young adult age of 19 to 20 which immediately puts you in the category of an adult.


Youth is an important asset in your life, something that it’s precious and you should treasure it dearly no matter what happens in your life and most importantly, the temptations and the incoming freedom that you achieve when you increase a tiny candle on your birthday cake each year. 

Youth is the period where we should start an approach to lead a balance life between education, social circle and perhaps hanging out with a guy. 

Education: When we are young we should put in our full effort to achieve something impressive in our education, a remarkable and jaw-dropping grade on our certificates. Yes, education is the most important aspect of your life because it path the way to your future and even impressing your future other half with your intelligence and wits. I know you might probably argue that some people succeed in life barely with any education, like you say, it’s “some” and using percentage wise, I suppose you won’t be the lucky few to fall in those category so, we should really stop daydreaming and put in some effort in your studies. 

Social Circle: You can’t succeed in life without friends, and wise people always advise us to make friends from school because they are the one whom your friendship will last the longest than those whom you made from work or other places. The reason because while you study together, you spend most of the time together knowing each other, helping one another to achieve grades and perform better. Of course, when we are young, we are less scheming and less conscious about the benefits we can reap from one another.

Lastly, hanging out with a guy, at this phase in life, boys no longer become just boys and they become guys, and inevitably you will have to face them and that something called love, puppy love, infatuation comes in, complicating childhood further and those who goes off track would turn their focus from education, to guys. Having a so-called boyfriend becomes a tool to flaunt to the studious ones, making them jealous and sad for being so dorky and nerdy. 

Well, staying strong is the only way to keep these distractions out of focus and that as long as you have the grades and have an established network of friends, being attached or single, is not an issue or a threat to you. There are plenty of boys / guys / men out there, whether you have them by your side now or later makes no difference, while education makes a difference having it now and later because when we are young, we tend to absorb concept, facts and knowledge faster than we are older.

Likewise, love always has it’s expiry date, so focus on your education and making plenty of friends to avoid regrets when you grow older!


He made his grand entrance, but left like a wind.

“When you finally met someone of your dreams, you will never cherish him/her until you lose it,

would you then come to the realization that this person is the best and no one else is comparable to him/her.”



(A little sprinkle of magical fairy dust…)

The multicoloured lights, the acoustic music with the DJ spinning and the jam-packed dance floor, amidst the crowd was this group of guys that was right beside me dancing and cheering for each bass drop. They did not really stand out as on my left there was a similar group of them, and likewise in front, the back and everywhere, until my eyes met his… his fit muscular build that represented security, his straight white teeth when he let out a smile when our eyes met and those gorgeous set of eyes, they were simply sparkling and standing out among the crowd. It was charm.

For a short brief moment, while the crowd was busy, pumping their fists in the air, cheering for the good spin of music, we continued looking at one another, despite the awkwardness, our eyes were just locked to each other, and then the surroundings started to distant itself, like the two of us were in another world. It felt magical.

And, that was how I met him.


Present day:

He no longer existed in my world and that despite the beautiful night with all the magical moments, it was just like every other night, gone in a flash and in turn, became part of my memories. His humour, his loyalty, his patience was what I adore for. Nonetheless, it was his charming cute smile that melted my heart, something that made my heart skipped a beat and pound slightly faster.

Sometimes, even though I may wish that I have never had met him, which resulted in not being able to forget about his presence and holding on to that tiny little hope that someday, another magical moment might just occur again. Yes, it was silly, but it was never easy to forget someone that I had spend great quality time together.

Occasionally, the public, the strangers, people that might just brush past my shoulder might have some cast resemblance to him. He was like a completed piece of jig saw puzzle, the characteristics that the others might have, like his broad shoulders reminds me of the time he place my lethargic head on his shoulders to rest, the cute smile that once melted my heart, and somewhat, all these little tiny details form the complete image of him and although these tiny details can be found in others, things weren’t the same anymore. No matter how I try, there can’t be an exact replica of him.


Even though I may understand this, I just simply can’t forget, it is just too hard, way out of my capability to do so.

(Cont.) Melaka

I should have written this post way back in April but because of grandma’s admission to hospital on the day I left for Melaka, this has been delayed till now as I had to spend the last moments with her and dealing with her leaving was the most traumatizing moment of my life and till now, I am still unable to handle the loss of her presence from my life.

Now, I shall turn back time a little, to relive to happy moments back in April and to liven this wordpress a little from all those emotional posts that I have been posting lately.

ImageImageUpon arriving in Melaka by WTS coach at around noon, the coach dropped us at the entrance of our Mahkota Hotel Melaka and we decided to try our luck by checking in despite the checking in time was 2pm. To our dismay, our room was yet to be ready and that the previous guest have yet to check out. It was quite disappointing to hear that as Mahkota Hotel Melaka has 400rooms and after we checked in later in the day, we discovered that day’s occupancy was quite low as our block only had 3-4 roooms occupied. Thus, we couldn’t figure out why they couldn’t assign another room for us. Nonetheless, I managed to head down to the shopping malls to fill our stomach and dragged Siru to my favourite Baskin Robbins (the must-have ice-cream when I’m in Malaysia)!

Around 5pm and after a good rest at the hotel room, we headed out to Jonker Street for my favourite Durian Chendol that I have been craving for! (Cravings checked!)

ImageImageImageAfter satisfying my cravings, Siru and I continued to proceed to venture around Jonker Street and I realized that Jonker Street had shrunk in size from my 2 years ago visit. The auntie that sell yummy kueh bahulu was no longer there anymore. Plus, the items that were sold there were barely updated which was quite disappointing.



This is my dinner from Hong Kong Kim Gary restaurant that was an unplanned meal as we were looking around for the famous satay celup restaurant but failed after combing countless streets in Melaka by foot. (You could totally imagine how exhausting it was!)

ImageImageImageNext day: Breakfast in the hotel was pretty decent with the usual fare like chicken halal sausage, poached egg toast, congee, steamed dimsum and juices, coffee/tea.

After breakfast, I decided to head down to the pool as the hotel had two mega big pools, it would be such a waste if I actually gave it a miss! Since Siru forgot to bring her swimwear, I had to head down to the pool alone. However, the downside of the pool was that the pool visitors were constantly giving me the stare for wearing a rather provocative swimwear although I was in a bandeau bikini top and boardshorts. As I was in Malaysia, I was probably expected to wear more covered swimwear… as a result, I didn’t stayed in the pool for long.

ImageImageImageImageImageImage(Pardon me for the unglam face as I didn’t really had a good sleep in our room, I will show you the video I took of our room later on and hopefully, you will get it.)

ImageThe super failed ootd: featuring a floral tee, shorts and sandals from Rubi, the reason why I wore that casual and badly fashioned because I was in Malaysia and the idea was to, blend in!

ImageThis was my lunch, at a nearby eatery.

Image Starbucks Matcha before we headed for last minute of shopping and then boarding of our coach back to Singapore.


That’s our coach! With all the overly anxious passengers that they might not be able to board the coach!

Here’s the room tour of our room as promise!

I didn’t really like the deco of the room as it was really old and felt kind of creepy.

But overall, I did enjoy the trip with my food cravings satisfied (except for satay celup) and travelling have always been good with Siru as my companion!

Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant Review

June 1st was a joyous occasion as my 3rd uncle strike lottery and was treating us to a Japanese A La Carte Buffet at this restaurant in Bukit Timah, called Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant.

This restaurant was set amidst a stretched of shophouses hidden amongst the countless bungalows and terraces in Bukit Timah, it wasn’t that accessible for commoners like us who doesn’t own a car as there are very few buses that reaches that area and that even if you alight at the nearest bustop, it would take you some time to reach that hidden “gold mine” (the stretch of good restaurants). Still, if you are someone who is slightly more adventurous, you might want to try out this place!

Enough of the talk about the restaurant so I shall present to you the photos!

dsc_1724_副本THE HIGHLY RAVED CHANWAMUSHI! The ginormous egg roes!

I loved it so much!

c360_2014-06-01-12-22-17-846_副本This was served next, Mixed Platter of Sashimi!

Fresh and juicy, I love it mmmm!

dsc_1726_副本A wide spread of Japanese food! YUMMY!

Since it’s an a la carte buffet, they will serve you the first round of their signature dishes and then after which you could order those that you fancy from the menu.

dsc_1728_副本Everyone is just too busy eating!

img-20140601-wa0012_副本Emptied the plates, and then ordering again!


Everyone having a good time I guess.


Smoked Duck was good, Aburi Sushi was amazing and so was the chicken wings!

dsc_1725_副本The prawns were extremely huge and tasty!

c360_2014-06-01-13-11-13-764_副本This is still my favourite! Salmon belly ❤

c360_2014-06-01-14-13-10-695_副本To end off the buffet, you’ll get a complimentary mini scoop of matcha ice cream!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset img-20140601-wa0011_副本The huge group of us, without our beloved Grandma. #imissher


Do we even look alike?


Her hobby is to act cute!

img-20140601-wa0007_副本 img-20140601-wa0008_副本She has a terrible pimple outbreak on her forehead and thankfully I was lucky and didn’t had much pimple outbreak as hers and I was hardworking in applying pimple cream, unlike her!


Back to Shin Yuu restaurant, I think the service need some great improvement though, particularly in the staff, I really didn’t understand if the staff really did take down the order and ocassionally, they would miss out your order and you would realized that after waiting like half an hour for your food. I know it is a buffet, but since it’s a la carte, service should also be heavily emphasized on though. Oh well, the food was pretty good and if you are patient, you should really drop by and give it a try!