Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant Review

June 1st was a joyous occasion as my 3rd uncle strike lottery and was treating us to a Japanese A La Carte Buffet at this restaurant in Bukit Timah, called Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant.

This restaurant was set amidst a stretched of shophouses hidden amongst the countless bungalows and terraces in Bukit Timah, it wasn’t that accessible for commoners like us who doesn’t own a car as there are very few buses that reaches that area and that even if you alight at the nearest bustop, it would take you some time to reach that hidden “gold mine” (the stretch of good restaurants). Still, if you are someone who is slightly more adventurous, you might want to try out this place!

Enough of the talk about the restaurant so I shall present to you the photos!

dsc_1724_副本THE HIGHLY RAVED CHANWAMUSHI! The ginormous egg roes!

I loved it so much!

c360_2014-06-01-12-22-17-846_副本This was served next, Mixed Platter of Sashimi!

Fresh and juicy, I love it mmmm!

dsc_1726_副本A wide spread of Japanese food! YUMMY!

Since it’s an a la carte buffet, they will serve you the first round of their signature dishes and then after which you could order those that you fancy from the menu.

dsc_1728_副本Everyone is just too busy eating!

img-20140601-wa0012_副本Emptied the plates, and then ordering again!


Everyone having a good time I guess.


Smoked Duck was good, Aburi Sushi was amazing and so was the chicken wings!

dsc_1725_副本The prawns were extremely huge and tasty!

c360_2014-06-01-13-11-13-764_副本This is still my favourite! Salmon belly ❤

c360_2014-06-01-14-13-10-695_副本To end off the buffet, you’ll get a complimentary mini scoop of matcha ice cream!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset img-20140601-wa0011_副本The huge group of us, without our beloved Grandma. #imissher


Do we even look alike?


Her hobby is to act cute!

img-20140601-wa0007_副本 img-20140601-wa0008_副本She has a terrible pimple outbreak on her forehead and thankfully I was lucky and didn’t had much pimple outbreak as hers and I was hardworking in applying pimple cream, unlike her!


Back to Shin Yuu restaurant, I think the service need some great improvement though, particularly in the staff, I really didn’t understand if the staff really did take down the order and ocassionally, they would miss out your order and you would realized that after waiting like half an hour for your food. I know it is a buffet, but since it’s a la carte, service should also be heavily emphasized on though. Oh well, the food was pretty good and if you are patient, you should really drop by and give it a try!


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