You can never realize the importance of this until you transit from the young adult age of 19 to 20 which immediately puts you in the category of an adult.


Youth is an important asset in your life, something that it’s precious and you should treasure it dearly no matter what happens in your life and most importantly, the temptations and the incoming freedom that you achieve when you increase a tiny candle on your birthday cake each year. 

Youth is the period where we should start an approach to lead a balance life between education, social circle and perhaps hanging out with a guy. 

Education: When we are young we should put in our full effort to achieve something impressive in our education, a remarkable and jaw-dropping grade on our certificates. Yes, education is the most important aspect of your life because it path the way to your future and even impressing your future other half with your intelligence and wits. I know you might probably argue that some people succeed in life barely with any education, like you say, it’s “some” and using percentage wise, I suppose you won’t be the lucky few to fall in those category so, we should really stop daydreaming and put in some effort in your studies. 

Social Circle: You can’t succeed in life without friends, and wise people always advise us to make friends from school because they are the one whom your friendship will last the longest than those whom you made from work or other places. The reason because while you study together, you spend most of the time together knowing each other, helping one another to achieve grades and perform better. Of course, when we are young, we are less scheming and less conscious about the benefits we can reap from one another.

Lastly, hanging out with a guy, at this phase in life, boys no longer become just boys and they become guys, and inevitably you will have to face them and that something called love, puppy love, infatuation comes in, complicating childhood further and those who goes off track would turn their focus from education, to guys. Having a so-called boyfriend becomes a tool to flaunt to the studious ones, making them jealous and sad for being so dorky and nerdy. 

Well, staying strong is the only way to keep these distractions out of focus and that as long as you have the grades and have an established network of friends, being attached or single, is not an issue or a threat to you. There are plenty of boys / guys / men out there, whether you have them by your side now or later makes no difference, while education makes a difference having it now and later because when we are young, we tend to absorb concept, facts and knowledge faster than we are older.

Likewise, love always has it’s expiry date, so focus on your education and making plenty of friends to avoid regrets when you grow older!



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