Prepping for Flea!

Since it’s the school holidays, a random idea came up to my mind of renting a stall in a flea market to clear my wardrobe as it is way too full and that the wardrobe does not have enough space to place in new clothes. Therefore, it was time to clear out the unworn clothes to make space for new ones!

You all know how girls can’t help shopping when they see something they really like!

Therefore, I asked the girls and Siru and Glenda decided to share the stall together with me!

Yesterday, Siru came over to my place to help me out with packing and deciding the price, but mostly to catch up with one another, talking and keeping each other company!


The piles of clothes I have!


And after all the sorting and organizing, we decided to take some entertaining selfies to entertain ourselves!


Being the joker among the clique, there is definitely no reason to spoil a photo with a hilarious and unglamourous selfie bomb!


I’m selling this, a chiffon top I bought in Taiwan during June 2014 but the colour don’t suit me and Siru says I look like I’m wearing a nightgown!


This one is a bustier cut-out dress, one of my loots from my Taobao haul in late 2013 as well. I really like this piece but I didn’t get the opportunity to wear it because most of my friends says that it looks like I’m barely wearing anything! 😦


The flea will be held on Saturday, 14 June 2014, 11am-8pm, F1 Pit Building.

Nearest MRT: Promenade.

Freemansland, RE/Store IV

Stall location to be confirmed only on exact date since it’s a first-come-first serve basis, I really do hope we get a good location and that I can clear all my clothes, hopefully!

*finger crossed!*

I really can’t wait for Saturday to arrive! How exciting!


3 thoughts on “Prepping for Flea!

  1. Fingers crossed? No!preparation will win the day! We sell at outdoor flea markets over here. Well, it’s more of an outdoor craft and vintage market/farmers market in the middle of town. I sell vintage jewelery and my stuff i make,too. But i’ve sold in flea markets all over western north america and mexico and even once in singapore.Long ago, that last one. this is ours: not sure if there’s pics of our booth there, but there is on my facebook page.I sent an invite! Geez!weeks ago.
    Anyhow, prepare! price tags help a lot. Price things individually with hang tags or have LARGE signs for each price area, such as “everything in this box only $five!” When the tag says “$20, unused, bought in taiwan ” people belive it. It has credability.
    I googled some pics of that flea of yours, very big but all clothing,allgirls stuff. does everyone get a clothing rack? much easier to sell clothes from racks than from boxes and you can ask more money.
    btw, that white gown looks kind of nice on you…and you may want a somewhat sexy/sweet “night gown” someday. you never know….have hope! the bustier,though, does look very awkward.

    • Nope, ought to bring our own rack or rent one which is out of stock, when we booked the booth.
      It’s not a gown actually, it’s a top meant for casual days with the small gold panels on it. People mistake it for night gown, so embarassing, if I actually wore it out.

      • No rack? rent? I should have known…it’s singapore. everything costs…and everyone is so kiasu, already got. Boy, really hard to sell clothes off a plain table. can you bring a rack or two? better trust your fiends opinions over mine when it comes to clothes. after all, I’m just looking at blurred photos taken by a blur girl. 😉 but i think it looks cute on you…maybe better without the gold beads.
        You always stay up so late, staring at the screen?

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