Top 5 Turn Offs that Guys Do

This is probably a cliché and common topic on Thought Catalogue / Elite Daily / any famous bloggers.

Still, I just need to get this off my chest, it has been really burdening me for quite a period of time.

1. Pick Up Lines

Pick-up lines should be use appropriately at the right time and right setting. Most importantly, you should have your originality and not some overly used pick up lines. Pickup lines like:

  • Hi, are your parents bakers? because you look super sweet. (Hello? I’m not a product.)
  • Let’s talk shit because it’s 4am. (You should probably sleep at this timing/ or go home.)
  • The sun and clouds are a complement, can I have the honour to be your sun? (I know my nickname is 云 which means cloud, but starting with something like that totally freaks me out.)

2. Confidence

Guys who are confident tend to be more charming than those who aren’t. Simply because the lack of confidence causes you to be overly paranoid and worried that you might not be good enough for them and constantly reminding them about your flaws which in the long run may result in the girl having to reassure you to the extent that she have no energy to continue. Eventually, giving up.

3. Decisive

Girls always wish that the guys would decide majority of the things for them such as where to eat and where to go (while still keeping note of the girl’s preference as well) and perhaps helping them to pick out the one among the two clothes that she is holding on would be perfect. Still, indecisive guys would tend to let the girl make majority of the decision which sometimes stresses her out and so, she probably might just make the decision to leave because you gave her the power to decide.

4. Naggy

Nagging is not care nor concern. It’s just a plain torture to the girl’s ear. You might not realize how she dislike it until when she tells you straight in the face, and if she ever do, take the advice and change for the better or you will regret when she leaves. Nagging is irritable and the constant urge to ask her to do this do that, everyday, every week, it can be a mentally draining thing to listen or to even talk to you. She is already a grown-up, not a 3 year old kid who can’t help herself with anything, she knows what’s best better than you do, so stop the nag.

5. 出口成”脏“ (Mouth Full of Vulgarities)

Uncouth behaviour, the way a guy speak determines its well-being and that if he actually does speak a lot of vulgarities when he gets annoyed or angry or even for the minor things, it really does speaks alot on his character. I won’t say much on this because when everyone gets angry, they would scold vulgarities in a fit which is pretty understandable but when it’s on normal occasions, it doesn’t look good at all. Totally not someone you would dare to bring out to meet your friends because he might just spout any vulgarities during any conversation with your girls.

The list can go on and on… but I shall keep it to the minimum with the top 5 that I dislike the most. Character, charismatic and charming is what that really attracts me the most if people were to actually ask about what that attract me the most based on qualities in a guy. Now, I’m proud to say, I can finally answer them! YIPPEEE~~~


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Turn Offs that Guys Do

  1. didn’t know you had so much experience with romance!
    I find that i’m feeling differently about your posts. I think i’ve stopped worrying about you. What a relief! You’ve posted a lot of positive things lately…even through sad times. I’m starting to see a picture forming of someone who will survive all of life’s hard knocks, who DOES have some reliable friends and an interest in living. In all seriousness, when i first stumbled on your blog,well…your life looked so dark and so sad that i didn’t think you were going to make it through the month. really, I had trouble sleeping nights. I’m well aware that a blog isn’t a full picture of someone’s life…but yours scared me. now, it’s feeling …well…more charming and interesting? And i do miss singapore sometimes. Over here there were several cases of teen girls who gave up, after many attempts to escape their demons, after many calls for help. These things were all over the news in canada for many many months last year. the amanda todd video was especially disturbing to everyone. A very sweet kid…why did no one help her? Their problems were more serious than yours but it’s more their inability to deal with those things and the seeming coldness and indifference, even cruelty, of the world around them that appeared to be their undoing. I doubt it made the news in Sg but you can google it if you’re curious.
    you seemed similarly alone and desperate in some of your posts…but I think that was just a reflection of those days you were passing through. you do seem to have friends,even though there is no sign of family love. And I think that you can rely on those friends, maybe more than you realize. Pepole who take that much trouble over a birthday really must care about you. You are a grown-up now and can start finding a life on you own terms,bit by bit.
    Seems i had more to say than i thought…glad I ,too, got something off my chest. If it’s embarrasing you can delete this right? I’ve been very torn between expressing my real concern for your safety and not wanting to embarrass you. I wish we could correspond by email …if you think you still really need someone to talk to sometimes, a “moma’ to listen to you and advise you , I’m always happy to hear from you and always on your side. me:
    If I look stupid here it doesn’t matter. But I was really worried about you for a while…not just because of your writting but also in that atmosphere of national angst created by the amanda todd and reateah parsons suicides.
    back to normal life: your readers are all wondering how successful you were at the flea. Hope it was better than here. Ofcourse, yours was indoors,right? We got hit by bad weather, rain and heavy wind. several tents blew over completely.cold. and poor turnout,not a lot of buisness. We sold a bit, but the guy across from us didn’t sell a thing.

    • Thank you for your concern haha.
      The flea was quite bad, the supply was more than the demand and I guess due to the bad weather, there were lesser visitors 😦

      • weather wrecked our day,too. but next week will be better,I hope. how can you have bad weather in Sg?same every day, rains some afternoons in summer,only difference. I was going to take somepics of our market for you but forgot to charge the camera. Did you ever see a little back allet market in chinatown, near old maxwell market,on muhammad ali lane? I used to go there to hunt for old stuff.found a lot of old chinese silver jewelry,back then.
        you are not shocked or offended that this stranger was so worried about you???

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