Bellabox (July Edition)

As you girls would have known, the cosmetic samples packed in a box and delivered right to your doorstep have been pretty popular recently, and Bellabox had aroused my curiousity…so, I’ve decided to take up a 3months subscription, with the first month June edition of Bellabox at $9.95 while on normal days, it will be at $19.95.

The thing about Bellabox is that these subscription boxes are delivered by Ta-q-Bin where they deliver right to your doorstep which can be convenient for some and non-convenient for some as these delivery timings are usually irregular despite the fact that you have chosen your preferred delivery time frame. Still, I managed to receive my Bellabox eventually.


There’s this month, July’s Bellabox! 


Unboxing Bellabox!

This is the best part of receiving Bellabox because you won’t know what you would be receiving this month as each Bellabox version is different and you could receive items that are slightly different from what is as advertised. This could be something bad if the items that are advertised caught your eye and they aren’t included in the Bellabox, you’ve received. This was what happened when I received this month’s…


“La Petite Parisienne”– The theme for this month’s box.


Here’s what I received for this month!

I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t get to receive the lipstick and the eye pencil that was advertised!


A total of 8 samples which my box include mainly of masks and L’oreal Sulphate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner. Since they are in sample size the shampoo and conditioner would come in handy to be packed in my luggage at the end of my this month for travelling!


Nina Ricci perfume in sample size, what a tiny weeny sample of 5ml of perfume!

I have yet to try these samples as I’m kind of lazy to do reviews but I shall start soon before the next month Bellabox comes in and I would end up with too many reviews to be done…still, I guess I would cancel the subscription at the end of August because I’m kind of disappointed that the items in my Bellabox are slightly different from what the beauty bloggers receive as they seemed to be receiving better items than me. This did not just happen to me but to several people I have known as well. Oh wells x

RWS Equarius Hotel + Siloso Beach

The last week of June was e-learning week which equates to self-proclaim extended school holidays for me. 27 June was the last friday before school term starts again, and Glenda had booked Equarius Hotel a month before to celebrate Sherman’s 21st but with some twists and turns, the 21st birthday celebration was cancelled and it supposedly became the girls staycation. (SUPPOSEDLY, because things happened again, and she met her Mister and it eventually became a honeymoon staycation for the pair of lovebirds. The 3 of us, Karen, Glad and me decided to head home at night to let the lovebirds have their alone time, in such a romantic and beautiful hotel, I wish I could meet my Mister and experience the same thing like what Glenda experienced. Enough of dreaming, back to the topic~)


French braid my hair and headed to Harbourfront to meet Karen who will be checking in and spending the entire afternoon with me.

And that’s the room tour of the Equarius Hotel with forest facing room as the waterpark facing rooms were all full.

The bathroom was mega huge and luxurious. How I wish I had a bathroom that is bigger than my bedroom and I’ll probably never step out of the bathroom ever again! 😀


The bedroom!
03 (2)Enjoying my bandito pocket from KFC while sitting on the comfy L-shape sofa that has like 6 pillows or was it 8?


Heading to the pool now!05

The dark blue swimming pool that is shared with the pool villa and each pool villa has it own personal jacuzzi! Luxurious much!06

I wish I was as rich to be able to book a one night pool villa!


On the bridge that cut across the swimming pool!08

They provide you with pool towels too, so you don’t have bring the hotel towels down! 🙂09

Happy girl is ready to head to the pool but had to wait for Karen to finish her phone call!

10Like a happy girl on holidays!11I didn’t know what I was doing…12

Candid vs Pose-y!13

I just couldn’t help playing with the water, but didn’t want to get my dress wet…


Finally got the dress off and in the water, and the water chilly! 

There was plenty of flies flying on the surface of the pool and it was pretty irritating that we had to end up diving into the bottom of the pool to prevent the attack of the flies. I guess they planted to much bushes or chosen the wrong plant species that is so popular towards flies! The pool was quite deserted too and we didn’t stayed for long before we headed off to Siloso Beach!


Sneaking a photo while Karen was not noticing…

16We chilled at the beach for quite awhile talking and catching up with one another about our life and how it has been before the sun started to set and we headed back to hotel for a shower, while Glad and Glenda and her Mister arrived shortly…


Cupcakes the Glenda brought from home which was baked by her sister. Look yummy but I didn’t ate any because it was chocolate and I just disliked how chocolate always stuck in my braces that made me look like I had rotten teeth and that why I always stay clear of dark coloured food.

dsc_1855_副本Before we left, I headed back to the swimming pool to take a snapshot and it was amazingly beautiful with underwater led lights that made the pool shimmer!

I guess that sums up my friday at Sentosa and we had a good exercise while missing the shuttle bustop to ending up having to sprint to the Sentosa Xpress Station to sprinting to the train station and then changing purple line to red line at Dhoby Ghaut with Karen.

It was fun, running in slipped with a backpack! FIRST TIME~


After which I reached home, friend W decides to drive by my place to meet me. Friend W had just finished its fishing session with his friend and drove him back to Woodlands and decide to pop by Ang Mo Kio. Then, I went down to my void deck with my little cat, MiMi to meet him and it felt really weird to be meeting a friend at 3am especially when he isn’t my date or anything. Just oddly weird.

But he passed me this little sunflower card that he made, while he was bored in camp. Super cute, and excellent effort for cutting the sunflower, the stalk and leaf out and pasting them on a whilte background. Somemore, he didn’t just made one but a pile!

Friend W could totally sell his crafts and earn from it. I’m kidding anyway, I had a good chat with him and headed to bed only at 4plus am and I had to wake up early the next day for the 13 hours of work.


Lola’s Cafe + Singapore Museum

This post is way overdue and should have been posted in May but I just didn’t had the time to transfer the photos from my phone to my laptop, pardon me!

Now, let’s turn back time to the day after my 20th birthday.

Siru decided to meet me to pass me by birthday present that she got for me in Hongkong which includes my favourite nail polishes (Yes! I’m a fanatic nail polish collector!) She made a reservation at Lola’s Cafe as I wanted to go there real badly since it was highly raved on many websites and Instagram, tempted by the food, I just wanted to get a taste of it myself personally.


02Something random that I snap while waiting for our food 🙂


Ms Chen’s blur face! GOTCHA x

(She’ll probably kill me for posting this, but it’s candid anyway, like what she always say… 🙂


I just love the background of the photo because of the reflections of the lights that looks like tiny stars.


*drumroll please* 

Here’s our food!


My order: Mushroom Melt ($10 nett)

Simply loved the chunky mushrooms and cheese on the toast and fresh crisp salad! Loved it! ❤


Ms Chen’s order: Farmer’s Bratwurst Roll ($8 nett)

Really wished they could be more generous with the sauce for the frank though.


And she decides to snap lots of photo of her food despite me starting to eat my food already which afterwards she complain why her food was cold! ROFL~


There’s the lemon tart for dessert. I didn’t really like lemons so I didn’t really ate that…

Overall, I think that Lola’s Cafe is worth a visit and probably I will swing by there if I am free since the cafe food are in nett prices, it’s more worth it that visiting cafes with service charge and gst exclusive and then you have the sucky service, what’s the point of paying service charge right?


Guess where we headed to next?

Singapore Museum!!!

I’m not the kind of girl who really enjoyed visiting museum because they are really boring and dull in particular to the exhibit but since there was nothing else better to do after lunch, we decided to head there because the architecture of the Singapore Museum was beautifully British designed that reminds me of the colonial period in Singapore. Furthermore, lots of wedding couples would come by to take their photoshoots.

Just that day, we chanced upon 3 chinese couples and 1 muslim couple!


Before we went to the museum, we went to pick up Mr Froggy from Siru’s SMU locker…


Took some selfies with Siru’s phone!13 14

Now, you shall be prepared for a long stretched of photos that Siru took for me at the Museum! She didn’t brought her DSLR to help me take those photoshoots but with her phone, some of these photos came out prettily well. Or at least I was in love with the results!





This was taken outdoors and we ended up sweating like mad for the weather was a killer that day!
16 17 18 20

I took this for Ms Chen and taught her how to pose, she’s such a fast learner! 


The irony of this post, I tried to imitate those brides with their bouquet of roses but instead, I had a plushy in my hands! 😉


Totally forgot to introduce my outfit of the day!

Romper from blogshop (can’t remember the weird name):  $28/-

Sandals from Rubi: 2pairs for $30/-


Smiling awkwardly because it was a backyard of a bar and the waiters are there preparing for the opening.


“I wish you could always be there for me” x24

“All my life, I have been waiting… waiting for the prince to appear in his shiny armour…” kidding~

This is just candid because Siru insisted that there’s dust on the low column and made me check my white chiffon romper!


I’ve always loved spiral staircase and this one is one of the preserved staircase and feature of this museum, really love how old this staircase is, the intriguing design of the steel stairs despite Siru claiming that this staircase was haunted. :/

27“Smiles never fail to make one look pretty…” 😀
Mr Froggy, could you try standing by yourself?”29“Like a little girl”


I shall end this with a super duper blur photo of me with Mr Froggy! I really had a good time with Ms Chen and the photos that she took for me looked really pretty although I wouldn’t consider it to be a photoshoot session but it was just fun cracking our brains to do poses and working with the beautiful backgrounds.

What do you think of the photos?

I know some are really over-exposed, over-coloured, blablabla… 😦


The Fundamentals of A Friendship

Best friends to be exact.

Best friends are the ones whom you could hang out with all day long, every day, monthly, bi-monthly, etc and despite the long period of not being able to see one another, it still seems like we have met yesterday. However, when friendship started at the initial stage, there are just some things that are left unspoken and some of us may have understood what it was, but no all does. Maybe, I should give a lecture about it today, right here, right now.

Yes, the fundamentals of a friendship, not just any regular friendship, but a friendship that will last forever and ever, maybe I’m a little too exaggerating, perhaps to the next half of your life.


The utmost and foremost the most important aspect in a friendship. Just like completing a project, you should always lay the ground rules first and like I say, rules may be rules, they may be broken but still, obliging to these rules is truly important is keeping peace, same goes to friendship. We should always respect one another, in terms of behaviour, and significantly, your friend’s choices and decisions. Friends are always there to provide you with their own opinion but as we grow older, mature and wiser, we tend to know the consequences of our own decisions, be it good or bad and unlike when we are young, friends’ opinion would be one of the deciding factor when making our choices. Therefore, we should always respect our friend’s choice be it good or bad, right or wrong, and since they have made the decision, we should respect their personal choice and be there for them, should anything goes wrong or when they have to face the consequences.

Friends should always be there for one another despite all odds. AM I RIGHT?


This isn’t any ordinary or regular friendship but rather what best friends do which is to provide an exclusive 24 hours availability to their friends to the extend where they may be just 8 digits away (SG Number). Be it physically, mentally, or emotionally, friends should always be there for another, to help each other and to be each another’s companion while curing boredom. In special and more unique situations where you may feel extremely uncomfortable or have at extreme dislike in a setting, but if your friends need you there, you should be there too, always there for them no matter how much you hate it. I guess it doesn’t kills to feel uncomfortable and awful in the setting that you detest than to risk a friend’s safety and well-being right?

Perhaps you might also argue back that since it’s his/her decision, why can’t he/she respect mine as well? Well, friendship is all about give and take, if you need him/her today, he/she may need you back someday as well, who knows? You would never know…


Sympathy and Empathy, they may sound the same but they are two total different thing. Ironically, friends would usually sympathise one another than to feel empathetic for them, which is absolutely not right. Empathy comes with understanding and a matured thinking to be able to feel empathetic for the other party. It’s about putting yourself in your friend’s shoes, in the same setting and faced with the same situation, how would you react? How would you respond? And how would you feel? Sympathising for your friend’s may degrade your friend’s status especially when they are down or in the downhill of their life, in fact they may feel that you are on the upper-hand and is incomparable to you. Well, it does reflect badly on the friendship and hence, it is important to totally and completely put yourself in your friend’s shoes to be a true good friend.

I know this post may be slightly lengthy and wordy but I shall end this off real quickly.

It may be easy for friendship to start, but for it to last, it requires plenty of dedication and patience and alot of give and take, quality and quantity shouldn’t be used as a measuring tool or any form of measurement to gauge the benefits that you reap from it. Then, it won’t be called friendship anymore, it would be more of a transaction, a business deal. However, in the modern society pertaining to SIngapore, majority treats friendships as a form of business deal, how friends can help you gain this gain that and seeing such things happen, it’s just saddening….