I need a time machine, right now.

It’s been two weeks since I’m back from Taiwan and I have absolutely no mood to study or anything. Ever since the day I landed in Singapore two weeks ago, every day, yes every single day, the witch in the house has been driving me to nuts. Each day with different crazy tactics, I’m so sick and tired that I had to find a job to avoid her at all cost. So much so that, I need to plan the time I leave the house, be back at home, the time I sleep, the time I wake up just to avoid her presence fully and to avoid bumping into her at anytime of my life.

Life is just too tough.




A Short Note

People always tell me to keep on fighting, but being the fighter itself, it’s more than just words, a huge amount of courage, effort and determination that is need to be put in, and with that little luck you need to success. However, luck has never been on my side and no matter how hard I tried, things just doesn’t go my way, and I’m tired…really really really tired.