I need a time machine, right now.

It’s been two weeks since I’m back from Taiwan and I have absolutely no mood to study or anything. Ever since the day I landed in Singapore two weeks ago, every day, yes every single day, the witch in the house has been driving me to nuts. Each day with different crazy tactics, I’m so sick and tired that I had to find a job to avoid her at all cost. So much so that, I need to plan the time I leave the house, be back at home, the time I sleep, the time I wake up just to avoid her presence fully and to avoid bumping into her at anytime of my life.

Life is just too tough.




One thought on “I need a time machine, right now.

  1. Went to the thrift store Tuesday ( got a lot of vintage jewelry, should show you sometime) and I think I saw a time machine there. Might have been a bit old and beat up…might still work. Wonder if they’ve sold it yet…

    Really? you live with a witch? a really really witch? Or is it your mother you are referring to? Is she cruel, viscious and nasty, always berating you and saying things like: you slut, dressed like a whore, i hope you get raped” when you go out in shorts and tank top(like any good HDB girl does in e) or is it just that she is one of those old style chinese mothers who just has a screechy loud voice and only speaks Hokkien but maybe really cares about you in her old-fashioned 19th century peasant kind of way (like my mother-in-law Oy! what a voice! so painful!!!)

    I would bet that luck doesn’t have too much to do with your troubled life.Maybe a little. . Unlucky, perhaps, to be born in singapore where people can’t easily move out on their own. How good would life be if you had your own apartment? You just need to have more control over your share of the world. It will come as you get a bit older…or move to malaysia. (or Canada?can be done!)

    As for mom, this author has been interviewed on the radio a few times this year. I’ve been thinking of getting the book for Yan. Xmas IS coming. ( can never think of what to get for her.ME! professional shopper, dealer in rare books and jewelery…and she never likes anything! except t-shirts – yuck!) oh…the author…uhm…: http://www.cbc.ca/books/2014/03/the-10-books-you-need-to-read-this-spring-listen-to-the-squawking-chicken.html
    “you look like dried monkey flakes”? Is that really a chinese insult really? (I am nothing today if not constantly astounded by what i am reading. I’m just not ready for these shocks-too early-no coffee…) Listen to the interview. very funny and may help,too.

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