Changes are evidence of growth

image201406120002_副本It’s been 5 months and 1 day since grandma’s departure at the wee hours of 2am, after Mothers’ Day, the day where we celebrated her 80th. Ever since then my life has changed completely, from being the happiness girl to a nobody, and now, after graduating from polytechnic and attaining my Hospitality and Tourism Diploma, I am nowhere to go. With a pathetic GPA 2.31, I am not eligible to apply for any scholarship and the only option is either to take up a loan from the bank to continue studies or head to the working society and save up.

(Don’t ask me about my parents, since grandma’s departure, our relation were like landlords and tenants,we don’t speak and neither do they provide me anything beside an empty roof to live in, without any amenities.)

Although I am currently working a temporary job in Gallery Hotel Singapore, the hotel is bound for closing on the Nov 15th due to IHG Group buying over the locally owned hotel property. The future of Gallery Hotel Singapore will be renamed as Intercontinental @ Clarke Quay, 5 star luxury boutique hotel (Subjected to change). Filled with anticipation, as being the first few to see the new mock-up room, I totally can’t wait for the new hotel to reopen. Enough said, soon, I will be jobless again. How pathetic.

Of course I attempted to head back to Regent to work and I could no longer adapt and accept the culture and the management of the Banquet Department as the managers and the part timers were like slaves and masters unlike Gallery Hotel, probably because the hotel is soon to close and everyone will take on a separate path, everyone seems to be slightly closer with one another.

I guess things change and people change and so did I change, in my appearance! From long hair to really short hair…mainly because of owning less time, I do not have the luxury to manage my hair, comb them, and blow dry them when they are wet after shower. Therefore, I just had to snip them off so that I could have more sleep. I do miss my long hair though.

As for relationship wise, things get kind of complex though. At work, there are people who attempt to get my number in hope of asking me out for a dinner or a date, but one of the rule I set for myself is never to date someone from workplace because things might just get way to complicated and if anything do goes wrong, I’ll lose my rice bowl. Definitely, I have been out to dates with a couple of guys here and there but somehow things just didn’t work out. Either my behaviours was to childish and kiddy for them to handle or that my mindset was probably just to mature and independent to accept. (I shall update this on another separate post soon.)

I guess that’s it for today and I am really tired from work, gotta head to be and crash soon, I do hope that this is enough updates to keep you inform of my happenings since I haven’t been posting recently, but you could always follow me on my instagram @cryobaby for my photo updates of my life.


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