The Chupitos Bar Review

Few friday nights ago, I was out for dinner as usual at my favourite ramen place, Keisuke Tonkotsu Four Seaons, the outlet at Bugis, with my usuals, winter ramen with ajitsuke tamago.

After which, we headed out to this place at Clarke Quay, Chupitos Bar, located near… I don’t know where (I know I am such a big sotong-head…I shall dig out the address…) ok, here’s the address: #01-05, Clarke Quay, 3B River Valley Road, The Chupitos Bar.

When the waitress handed out the menu to me, I was amazed by the list of and choices of shots available. There were like a huge range of variety! Some were extremely cool, like Captain America, Cotton Candy and of course there are those, specially catered to those naughty ones out there like Blowjob and Boobjob where they will serve in something very interesting (*wink*).


Look at the menu! That’s just part of it!


Crouching Tiger! I can’t remember the taste xD


My memory is getting from bad to worst, I can’t recall the name of this pair of shots, my bad!


Left: Scooby Snack! Attempting to be Scooby doo for the night, HAHA~ It kind of taste yummy but weird at the same time.

Right: Tequila Slammer, I think. The one that tasted so bad and the alcohol taste was absolutely strong!

Of course, I did tried their SIGNATURE- Paddle Pop Shots! (Pardon me, I was too excited over that shot that I didn’t snap any photos!) Taste wise, it was absolutely delicious, exactly the remake of paddle-pop ice-cream with a slight hint of alcohol taste but I doubt you could taste it anyway. It was sweet and milky and one shot is definitely not enough if you love paddle-pop ice-cream!

You should definitely, head there to try out their shots, or at least, try the paddle-pop shots, you’ll probably fall in love with it like how I am right now. Hahaha!


3 thoughts on “The Chupitos Bar Review

    • thank you thank you. But it isn’t that astounding, I just love to plate and arrange the food nicely before consuming them. Thus, they look good even if they are just simple affairs 😀

  1. you may think i’m odd but next time I go back to singapore, if i ever do, i’d probably still hangout at the hawkers centers. Although the girls are probably prettier at places like chupitos…hmmmm..that’s a point in their favour! what is puddle-pop icecream!!! sounds a bit offensive and smelly… but i’ll ask yan to check it out next week when she’s there.

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