Unload from my thoughts: Princess

Princess, don’t everyone longed to own a life of a modern day princess?

Modern day princess, born in a silver spoon family, (maybe gold or maybe bronze, I don’t know) from the day you were born, you have been well-fed, well-clothed and doted to bits. Whatever you want, you will get. (Be it from toys to food to clothes to hobbies/ activities/ classes, nothing is out of your rich.)

Growing up, easy as it seems, love showers from family, encouragement in education. Tonnes of friends and capable of hanging out with friends after school, pocket money was never an issue. Of course, being a princess, you’ll are just filled with luck, boys crowd over you and you’ll have the best one amongst them all.

You’ll probably never have to slave, never have to experience working under stressful condition over the sake of money. Work would just probably seems fun for you, to work with friends or either that, to kill time, salary was never an issue to you and money was just an endless supply.

Modern day princess, you’ll have the time, the capability and the ability to pursue what you want in life because money have already path the way for any dreams that you possess. It’s only a matter of yes or no. Easy as it seems.

And of course, here’s a little poor pauper, struggling to make ends meet. Down in luck, and enduring all the shit that life has to offer. She is probably like a weed amongst the well-potted plant trying all her best to fight for the energy and the opportunity to survive and thrive.

Let me put it simply, life sucks and God is unfair. Some people are just plain lucky and some people aren’t. There are those struggling to make life meet, some even worst, struggling to survive and while there are those enjoying what life has to offer, with everything path for them. All those, fighting to make ends meet, I believe, they are the ones who are called real fighters, with real determination, persistence and perseverance, and those that succeed are ones, I adore, and someone whom I am able to, pick up a life lesson learning point from.

(I’m probably blabbering nonsense again, things that doesn’t make sense. I guess you should just skip this post and if you do read it, wow you’re amazing!)Β 


3 thoughts on “Unload from my thoughts: Princess

  1. this is one of those posts that really make me wish I could actually TALK to you. or at least converse by email. these posts seem to open up a dozen possible threads for conversation. It seems that there’s no adult, older and wiser hehe, that you can talk things over with. I know your a bit of a drama queen. when things bother you they seem huge, like a cloud that covers the whole sky…and you also have that dubious gift of imagination. I still think that you might do well in creative writing or journalism…although tourism could open up a world of travel and adventure,too. If you get out of singapore, perhaps.
    I love the weed analogy. But why are you so harsh with yourself? why? You are not a weed, rather one of those small,”shy” little plants and only reveals it’s true beauty to those that take the time to look closely. (although I suspect that in real life, among friends, you are quite lively and outgoing) I would never think of you as a weed. but the old gardeners saying is that a weed is just a plant growing in the wrong place. remember that.
    One of my nieces in spore is very like what you describe…except, perhaps, for the boys circling around. she has a jaw like a battleship!. the thing is, I think she is also a kind person, but yes very priviledged and ..pampered? no…not pampered. she is supported. her mother is a truly nice, good kind person. (god knows why she would have married into yan’s side of the family! oh, i’m so mean!) and her father makes very good money. Because of this support she is successful in all the ways you describe. And she works very hard, of course.I think her degree is also in tourism…or geography, but she works in tourism.
    sure, it’s unfair. You deserve much more. your parents suck. But you won’t win that battle, so stop fighting it!!! I don’t want you to to have to keep seeing life as an unfair struggle that you can only loose. Disengage from those struggles, find your good place in life, not as a victim of bad luck but as your own kind of princess. please.
    Damn it, this is so unfair…you always make me worry about you and care about you! And All I can do is write replies that you probably don’t read and rarely reply to.
    Can you try to think of me as Uncle Graham or something, someone one who wishes you well and will try to “stand with you” at least figuratively speaking, in life’s struggle?

    . You know, I’ve often thought that I should introduce your blog to her…the mom, that is. hmmmm…maybe even ruth? The mom is a tutor, as well. math and sciences I think. the only caveat is that they are christians and they believe all those things…and sometimes like to talk about it. god this and god wants that…but not much really.I guess they’ve never really mentioned it much around me. Anyhow…just wondering if you might want to “meet” someone like that. grace does care about people.

    • *woah* thanks for the long reply, i wasn’t really expecting that. Honestly, I do read all of your replies, its just that I was plain lazy, way to lazy to reply.
      Creative writing and journalism, well i did thought about it before but then again my grammar is pretty bad and I make careless typos, sometimes my brain just flows faster than my hand could actually type…so yeah. Better not.
      Amongst friends, I’m actually the one that is pretty quiet most of the time unless I feel like talking, else I would keep quiet and speak little when I’m out with them.
      There are alot of things that I can’t do. I’m just stuck. The only way I guess is to earn loads and loads of money to slowly disengage myself from everything, it takes time really. Meanwhile just let me use this as a platform to vent my frustrations and resentment.
      I know, meeting people and talking about it. It doesn’t work actually. Talking and talking over and over about it. Nothing can be done. At the end of the day, my life is still as it is. So I have given up talking to people over such problems because all they could is to show sympathy thats all…(i’m not being harsh or rude, but that’s what humanity have shown me, to carve my own way out, no one will help you, but myself. so yeah πŸ˜€ )

      • wow…wow! you really made my day! it’s so good to hear from you like this. I would have been so so relieved to get a good solid reply like this when i first wrote to you. if i had access to emojis here i would pick one that is sticking out it’s tongue! πŸ˜‰ razz!
        it was a long reply, i should read it again before i reply but i don’t have the patience. But sometimes my brain just flows faster than my hand can type. A great writer once said that. It is a sign that you have “writerly instincts”. i just want to say things…typos and grammar are not an issue. i’m not saying that you are the next hemingway or alice monroe( i met her once), just saying that you have talent there and if you had chosen to study it you would have done well. I’m also trying to say to you”stop thinking of yourself as a nobody at the bottom of the barrel.” you can’t help the family you were born into, nor the country.
        I like singapore, thoguh i haven’t been there for a few years and i think i liked it better before it jumped feet first into the modern world. however i think it’s a bit of a difficult world in which to be someone like you. the expectations are only for “success”, nothing more. you seem to be a bit too complex and introspective and it places you as a bit of an outsider, perhaps even among people you are close to. well…that’s my thought.
        as for talking…well … in the old days people used to really talk (not just complain about the same old thing) to friends about serious things. not for sympathy, but to reflect, get an outside viewpoint…to help clarify their concerns and issues. and because people would try to help. after all, you talk to the whole world here….just seems no one else is talking back. (or are there hundreds of people writting comments that I can’t see?? often wondered) I’m not suggesting you can solve your problems just by talking(except to me, people always come to me to solve their problems. i’m so smart :)hehe) , i think you need to disengage from a lot of them.

        gosh, i keep feeling that this is TOO personal for a public venue. i sent you a facebook request months ago. iknow it’s odl and out of date to you but itwould allow you to see something about me, the unknown person that writes to you. that’s all. it would be nice to talk by email or qq. oops, done it again, another long reply maybe i’m so kay poh…
        is it okay to try to make a friend here, notjust be an anonymous typist. is that ok?

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