10D9N Taiwan with $1000 Budget (Part II)

In the earlier part, I have shared with you guys about the flight that we choose and as well as the accommodations that we have booked with the links and room tours of our rooms! Now, it’s time for part 2 of our trip, sharing with you guys the places that we went and the yummy food that we ate, and shopping placesss!

1. Yilan

Yilan, I would say it’s a beautiful country side with plenty of farms and shophouses, with vintage railways and trains. If you love countryside and taking the classic “choo choo” train, this is the place for you! Of course, the downside would be transportation is not as developed as the city areas like Kaohsiung or Taipei so be prepared to walk a little more by foot and therefore, book a cab if you need to. Nonetheless, we didn’t as we were on a budget, we walked for countless hours by foot in their main area LuoDong.

The one and only attraction that we went was Jiao Si Hot Springs because we had to gave the National Centre of Traditional Arts a missed due to time constraint after getting lost while looking for our minsu for hours…what a pity.

Jiao Si Hot Springs is somewhat like Beitou in Taipei area, there are plenty of hot springs options for you to choose from. From the private pools to public ones, from the basics to the high ends, they have plenty of choices for you to choose from depending on your budget. To get to Jiao Si Hot Springs, you will have to take the train from Luo Dong Station to Jiao Si Station which is about 15 mins ride.

Here’s the video of our hot spring shop that we went!

As for the night market, we went to the biggest night market, Luo Dong night market, food is extremely cheap there!

p1070009_副本 Our lunch at LuoDong area, one of the popular shops patronise by the locals, featuring homemade Taiwaneses Ngoh Hiang and Starchy Soup Noodle with pork slices!p1070028_副本

Our post hot spring snacks, homemade steam dumplings!p1070030_副本 p1070031_副本

A bold attempt to try the stinky french fries!p1070032_副本

Our dinner, tomato fried rice!p1070034_副本

LuoDong’s oyster omelette!p1070038_副本Long queue in Luo Dong Night Market, Spring Onion Pancake, it was dope!

p1070042_副本 Our breakfast in Yilan, Wanton Soup Noodles!p1070044_副本The best guotie (pan-fried pork dumpling) that we have eaten, only to be found in Luodong, Yilan!

2. Hualien

Hualien is more of a sea side county, plenty of parks and beach. It is also recommended that you should either rent a bicycle to travel around or take a cab, as attractions are pretty far from one another.

We went to Beibin and Nanbin beach area and took plenty of photos but those photos are with Siru and therefore, unable to share with you guys.

There are only two night markets in Hualien namely the most popular one, Zi Qiang Night Market and Rainbow Night Market (Formerly Nan Bin Night Market). We went to Zi Qiang Night Market in search for the highly raved- Coffin Bread! As expected, it did not disappoint us as the bread was super yummy with its ingredients, crispy, fragrant and yet soft!


Here comes our train to HUALIEN! CHOO CHOO ALL ABOARD~p1070074_副本

Popular steam dumplings in Hualien!p1070075_副本

Soft spongy xiao long bao with soup inside!p1070076_副本

A bowl of wanton soup which was recommended by the minsu owner, slightly pricey, NT80 but not as delicious as we expected to be as it was pretty bland.p1070077_副本 p1070078_副本

Beautiful museum in Hualien, I forgotten the name! Oops~p1070080_副本 p1070082_副本 p1070083_副本

Pineapple Prawn Mayo Coffin Bread! YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS~

3. Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung was next on our itinerary with a early wake up call at 5.30am and departing Hualien at 7am to board our Tze Chiang Limited Express train (NT705) from Hualien Station to Kaohsiung Station, a 5 hours and 20 mins journey. It is also one of the most expensive mode of transport than HSR due to the long journey ride, but the train ride was super comfortable! Although we slept in most of the time on the train~

p1070088_副本 Breakfast I got from 7-eleven to be eaten on the train!p1070099_副本Our highly “expensive” tickets!

Upon arriving, we headed out to the innovatively themed restaurant in Kaohsiung, called the Funny Sex Restaurant and it was just amazing! The food was awesome and nicely plated. (Haha, no naughty thoughts here please!)

p1070107_副本 The menu!p1070112_副本 Warning Explicit Content: 18 and above only ! HAHAp1070113_副本 p1070115_副本 p1070116_副本

Seafood Pasta!p1070121_副本

Curry Rice with Chicken Cutlet and refreshing apple salad!p1070127_副本

Tiramisu!p1070132_副本 p1070133_副本 p1070134_副本 (2) p1070135_副本 p1070137_副本 p1070138_副本 p1070139_副本

Funny Sex Restaurant

2/F, 446 Zhongshan Road, Lingya District, Kaohsiung; +886 7 333 6598; open Monday to Saturday, 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m., Sunday and public holidays, 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

Directions: Alight at Sanduo District Station (R8), Exit at Exit 6 and walk.

After lunch we went to Datong 262 and Shinkudan Shopping District for some light shopping! We didn’t take any photos of the shopping district because we were way to busy shopping but here’s how to get there!

Directions: Alight at Central Park Station (R9), exit from 高雄市玉竹一街出口.

At night, we went to Jin Zhuan/ Kaisyuan Night Market, however because there was an explosion on the previous night nearby the area which cause a large number of deaths while we were in Hualien, the entire night market was not open. It was a pretty huge disappointment though. Thus, we had to end our night early…

p1070143_副本Reaching there to our dismay with no barely any stalls open!

On the second day of our stayover in Kaohsiung, we decided to head to Eda Theme Park, the second best theme park in Taiwan (as per what our research shows). We choose this theme park mainly because of its themed as the theme park Santorini inspired and that recently, on Instagram, everyone has been posting about their beautiful photos in Santorini those white tiles with orange and blue hues, it was just spectacular.

Getting to E-da Theme Park (義大世界): Alight at Zuo Ying Station (R16) and board the Eda Shuttle Bus (義大客運) – NT37/per trip

Entry tickets for theme park:  NT799 (Student Price: Flash your Student Pass!)

Opening Hours: 09:00-20:00 (Recommended to head there early to avoid long queue for your favourite rides!)


The monorail aka E-da Express!p1070153_副本

Flying Chairs, my favourite childhood ride!p1070198_副本A mandatory touristy shot with the attractions as background!


My lunch, Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice- Food Court in E-Da Shopping Mall! (Cost around NT 150)

p1070158_副本 p1070172_副本 p1070175_副本 p1070179_副本 p1070187_副本 p1070211_副本 p1070215_副本 p1070232_副本 p1070237_副本 p1070240_副本 p1070245_副本 p1070254_副本

After a long day at E-da Theme Park, we headed back to check in to our another hotel in Kaohsiung, as we had to do a hotel switch. After which, we headed to the town area in Kaohsiung and had this yummy garlicy ramen, Katgetsu Arashi Ramen!


Located in Shinkong Mitsukoshi Mall, No.262. (Near Station: Sanduo Shopping District)

Cost: NT 160++( GST and Service Charge not included)

The last night of Kaohsiung, we decided to visit a bar, and we choose Roof Island at the very last minute after multi changes.

Roof Island also known as 屋頂.棕櫚餐廳 , they provide a great variety of cocktails, slightly on the pricier end, around SGD 12 + and above. As for the food that they serve, they specialize in thai food and tapas and as well as the classic like fries, calamari, etc. I would recommend you guys to go as the atmosphere is excellent, beautiful and romantic place to bring your date along! (Reservations is strictly recommended or be prepared for a long wait.)

Address: No. 51, Liwen Road, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 813

Opening Hours: 18:30-03:00

(Pardon me, I did not take any photos because we were busy chilling and the lighting of the bar was not great enough to take any spectacular photos.)

4. Kenting

Kenting is located in the most Southern tip of Taiwan and because we were there during their summer vacation period, everywhere was simply crowded with tourists from all over the world. The most fascinating thing about Kenting is its fine sandy beaches and beautiful light blue waters. However, as we arrived after the recent typhoon matmo left, it was high tide and therefore, we weren’t allowed to head to the ocean for safety reasons as the waves and currents were extremely strong.

img-20140804-wa0004_副本 IMG-20140804-WA0008_mh1407139518437 img-20140804-wa0048_副本 img-20140804-wa0060_副本 p1070298_副本 p1070324_副本 p1070336_副本 p1070337_副本

Nothing beats better than heading to the beach with my favorite best friend witnessing our second sunset together overseas!


The highlight of Kenting was the Langkawi Live Show, the most popular activity places that you should go! In every show, there will be 3 performers which include 1 trans, 1 hot hunk and 1 hot babe, but there are times where the hot hunk will not be present which will be replaced by a trans.p1070345_副本img-20140804-wa0069_副本

That’s me with the prettiest tranny for the night! She’s hot! (You’ve got to tip her for taking photo with you though!)img-20140804-wa0081_副本


(This is random but this girl selling souvenirs is so pretty!)

5. Taichung

The HIGHLY RECOMMENDED must VISIT place for Taiwan for girls especially, as this city is a shopping city with Yi Zhong Jie and the most popular Feng Chia Night Market! Needless to say, we did plenty of shopping here despite getting lost a little here and there HAHA!

p1070352_副本 p1070361_副本

Transport: High Speed Rail, from Kaohsiung (Zuo Ying Station) to Taichung, we chose this mode of transport in order to save more time to shop in Taichung.

(TIP!) In order to save money on booking HSR, book HSR in advance on their website as early as 21 days or 14 days in advance to enjoy up to 30% of your train tickets.

Plus you get to beat the long queue at the ticket counter as their is a specially designated separate ticket collections counter for online purchased tickets!


Our first meal in Taichung, in a local shop in YiZhongJie before shopping, this meal cost us less than NT100!


As Taichung doesn’t have a proper metro system, and with the confusing bus system, they are currently introducing this BRT system which is somewhat like a MRT system in the form of bus as a transport. How cool, but we weren’t in the luck to experience how it’s like as it has yet to formally open yet. Hope you guys will be in the luck to experience this!

6. Taipei

The last and final stop as you guys, would know, TAIPEI! Previously, I have been to Taipei twice and needless to say, I wouldn’t talk about this city much.


Siru went to this “Hicolor” saloon to dip dye her hair and to trim it as well, it’s quite popular over in Taipei and it’s located along the outskirts of Xi Men Ding.

p1070388_副本 p1070389_副本 p1070390_副本

Here’s one of the restaurant I would like to recommend:

Ah Mao 阿毛 Risotto Cafe located in the heart of Xi Men Ding, which can be easily spotted with their golden retriever by the restaurant. (Nonethless, we were down in our luck that day as the dog happened to be not in the restaurant, what a pity!)

Cost: NT160 (without any add-ons)

Taste: I would probably give this dish a three out of five stars perhaps? The risotto smells really good and fragrant with its yummy tomato beef broth but as it starts to cool down, the rice will absorb the sauce causing the rice grain to be very soggy and making it dry. (So you should probably gobble it down real quick!)

p1070391_副本 p1070392_副本

Next up, Ah Zong Mee Sua!

It’s the must eat Taipei food! I have been to Taiwan twice and this is probably the third time I’m here and I’m finally getting my hands to this yummy mee sua! It’s real goodness, let’s  forget about the calories and start scooping it!



img-20140808-wa0000_副本Yes, we headed to the club!

Babe 18, is probably not the biggest club in Taiwan but since it’s highly rave, we decided to head there as it’s known to have plenty of youngsters of our age, so we decided to head to to check it out. Nonetheless, we were pretty unlucky to be met with police raid that night and the opening hours of the club was delayed and many left to other clubs like Luxy and thus, we had to queue and miss the Ladies Night timing of entering club before 12am with free entry. (Wasted) Then again, that night, it wasn’t really as crowded as we expected it to be, but anyways, we got free flow of drinks! The tag we were holding entitled us to unlimited glass of cocktails from Tequila Sunrise, Tequila Sunset, Long Island Tea, Honeydew Vodka and many more and as well as a list of beers for you to choose from!

So you could drink to your hearts content with only an entry fee of NT200 if I remembered correctly.

img-20140808-wa0006_副本 img-20140808-wa0008_副本 img-20140808-wa0010_副本 img-20140808-wa0011_副本 img-20140808-wa0013_副本 img-20140808-wa0014_副本 img-20140808-wa0016_副本 img-20140808-wa0018_副本


I really can’t wait for the next one with this best friend of mine!


I know this travelogue is pretty long and not as informative as the first part of this post, I’m still thankful that you had actually read all of it 😀

Here’s PART 1 if you missed it: 


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