(UNVEILED) The Glad’s Mega Surprise Party!

MISSION: Mega Birthday Surprise Party


HEAD PLANNER: JORDAN (Glad’s Boyfriend)




It just started out that Glad’s birthday was coming and Jordan decide to plan this awesomely sweet birthday surprise for her and the group of us were invited to help out to assist Jordan in planning the birthday surprise but turns out that Glenda and I were the only two to help Jordan out in making sure everything was ready and ensure Glad had no clue about the birthday surprise that was in plan!


1300 HOURS: Jordan drove to my place to pick me up since I wasn’t working that day, I could accompany him in getting all the party essentials ready including of collection of birthday cake, balloons and checking in to the hotel. Jordan came early that day and thankfully I was early as well (though most of the time I’m always late!)

IMG_1345 IMG_1347This was what I wore that day, ASOS Black Romper (that Glenda got for me for only $12!) with my navy blue bolster bag from my Taobao Haul and my Rubi flats that I got a steal at $10! I know I got so bored while waiting for Jordan to arrived so I went to my granny’s emptied room to take my ootd shots. Haha.

1345 HOURS: Then he went to pickup the oreo cheesecake that he ordered online from Cat & The Fiddle. We got lost looking for the industrial building and hence took quite awhile to reach there. Plus, he couldn’t find the carpark to park his car. First look at the cake: It looks really yummy! A fully baked oreo cheesecake that came in a card board box and given a pre-packed sachet of sieve icing sugar, birthday stencil and mini sieve for you to do your own decorations. CUTE!

After picking up the cake, our original plan was to pick up the helium balloons as well before heading to Hard Rock Hotel, then the person from the cake shop told us that the cake should be kept refrigerated else it would turn soft within 2 hours so there was a change of plans instead to head to the hotel first then picking up the balloons.

1430HOURS: After a long drive from Boon Keng area, we finally reached Sentosa and I had to give some driving directions to reach Hard Rock Hotel. Phew, thanks to previous Equarius Hotel experience, I still remembered the way to the hotel else we would be lost again driving around Sentosa and looking for the hotel’s carpark.

1445 HOURS: It took plenty of waiting time in Jordan’s car while he went to smoke because the person that helped him to book the hotel said the room wasn’t ready. We waited… and waited… and out of the blue, Glenda texted us.

“GLAD IS CRYING IN CLASS!” The three of us were practically in shock and Glenda had to comfort her as she was the only one with her. The reason to which why she cried was that Jordan was having his off day and she kind of expect him to pick her up from school and spend the rest of the day with her, counting down to her birthday at the stroke of midnight. Turns out? Jordan had to lie to her that he suddenly had a business deal to attend to and could only meet her at 6pm instead. She got a tad too disappointed and started tearing, I guess?

We event thought of a back-up plan to attempt to ease her but thankfully she thought it through and agree to meet Jordan at 6pm. PHEW! What a relief.

1515 HOURS: The room was finally ready and we headed straight up to the hotel. However, the suite that Jordan booked originally was not available and he was given a Deluxe Twin w Balcony. We were all pretty disappointed as the room was much smaller and despite the downgrade in room size, the price of the room remained at $240/nett. Plus, he wanted a king size bed at least but was give a twin. Disappointed much. I guess the plus point of the room would be the tiny balcony with a pretty view of Sentosa and the moving cable cars and the cruise that was parked at Harbourfront Centre.

1530 HOURS: We headed out to Bugis area to get the helium balloons. The helium balloons cost 20 for $24 and he chose light blue and white to fit into the blue and white theme. Our major worry was that if the 20 balloons could fit into Jordan’s car. Gosh, somehow he managed to stuffed the 20 balloons in with his car mirror view being blocked. And the next question was, how are we going to pick up Glenda and fit her in as well?

img_1354_副本Secretly, I took a snapshot of Jordan carrying 10 of the helium balloons for Glad. He said guys carrying balloons look so gay like going to do wedding proposal like that and from a girl’s perspective, “Oh! This guy is so sweet to be going to surprise her girlfriend, lucky her.”

1630 HOURS: We drove down to City Square Mall to pick up Glenda but before that we went Daiso to buy his blue rose petals to do the bed and picking up some food for the whole day.We have yet to eat anything beside driving around Singapore to get the stuffs for the party though. Meeting Glenda made me happy as well as it had been quite awhile since I last saw her. We chatted alot on the way and Glenda managed to get into the car sharing the back seat with the 20 helium balloons, I guess sometimes being petite is really good. Glenda also joked about how she wanted to be in the car boot as it was much more spacious than seating at the back seat. I wonder if I could actually fit in to the back seat if it was me? (better start losing weight though…)

1720 HOURS: We left for Sentosa to drop everything and Jordan had to speed a little because we spend quite some time at City Square Mall getting food. Each time whenever we stopped at the traffic light, Jordan would pick a piece of sushi and stuff it into his mouth before the red lights turn green again. I could really tell how hungry he was and yet he had to drive around to ensure that things are done according to the plan, so much so that he forgot to bring he polaroids which was supposed to tie to the balloons. It was quite a waste as the idea of tying the polaroid to each strand of the balloon ribbons is such a romantic and sweet idea!

1800 HOURS: Glenda and I were left in the hotel room to do the backdrop for the photobooth later on and we had to push the heavy bed to join them together to become a king size, but mainly to get more space out of the small room. Being the girl that couldn’t resist hunger I was busy eating my KFC rice bucket (I know it contains over 1000 plus calories, FATS FATS. I’ll burn them off later.) and leaving Glenda to do the photobooth of cutting and sticking those crepe papers. Until she started freaking out and yelling, I came over to help her for awhile.

1840 HOURS: Karen finally came and she helped us with the last bits of the photo booth which is to stick them all up! VOILA! It’s completed! Now I could finally enjoy my KFC meal in peace!

IMG_1374 IMG_1375

The joy and happiness on my face sipping to my high sugar mountain dew drink while lying on the draw out extra bed at the corner of the room. I couldn’t be more than happy to have completed nearly almost everything and accompanying Jordan while he drive around. It was tiring from all the rushing to get the backdrop and things done, all for my favourite girl, GLAD!

1900 HOURS: We cut the rose petals that Jordan paid for from Daiso as we couldn’t get the ready made fake rose petals so we had to D.I.Y our own by getting those fake rose garlands and cut them into petals ourselves. Thanks to Glenda and Karen, we even cut more than what we needed. Then using my housekeeping expertise, I made a swan bed decorations using the two bath towels and two hand towels that I got from the housekeeping.

img_1368_副本 img_1373_副本I know the swans are far from perfect, but I tried my best since it’s been quite some time since I learn to do the swans back in my internship days. Plus the towels that were given were old towels which had been used quite sometime which is pretty filmsy to be used to do swans. Thanks to the rose petals the whole thing turns out to look good despite the swan head keep drooping down which was pretty irritating. Most importantly, everyone didn’t know that the swans were done by me and thought that it was a complimentary done by the hotel. (which means the swans are of hotel standards, WOOHOO!)

2000 HOURS: Everyone was suppose to have arrived at this timing but they are all late. The three of us got a little irritated as none came early to help us out and now they are late. We had to wait for them and Jordan had to attempt to buy time by bringing Glad to the bar to drink and yet not to make her drunk. GOSH. Since the rest weren’t here yet, Glenda decided to head out to the hotel lift to take photos with the balloons! The hotel lift was beautifully decorated. Thus, we couldn’t resist ourselves from stopping the lift and taking several photos and despite a couple of times bumping into hotel guests who were planning to use the lift. Awkward much! Haha

img_1385_副本 img_1390_副本img_1386_副本img_1388_副本img_1407_副本img_1389_副本img_1391_副本I really love how this photos turn out, they look so pretty like as though they were taken from photoshoot sessions. (Thank you Glenda for taking beautiful photos of me! I know my arms don’t look that good that day as my eczema acted up again and I was struggling with the itch the whole day.)

2115 HOURS: The people weren’t here yet and we were getting restless from the waiting. Oh, we released the balloons already! Look how beautiful they are!


2135 HOURS: The rest finally came, LIKE FINALLY! Now all we need is to get Jordan to bring Glad up to the room before our mission is ACCOMPLISHED!

2145 HOURS: (ESTIMATED TIMING: I kind of lost track from the time after all the waiting for the late-comers to arrived.) We texted Jordan to bring Glad up and the cue was the 3 knocks from the door and everyone into position with the party poppers and cake! I brought two of her friends to hide in the bathroom with the party poppers to be the first to greet her with the surprise and then the second hiding beside the walls was Glenda and Karen and the rest. We made quite a few noises and suspiciously Glad asked why was there a woman noise. Guess what Glad thought? She wondered if Jordan’s uncle brought a woman to have a rendezvous night in the hotel. Funny MAX! (We had a good laugh about it. Haha!)

Oh yeah, in order to led Glad to the hotel room, Jordan cooked up a lie about Jordan’s uncle working in the hotel and wanted to invite them for a couple of drinks in the room. So that’s how Glad came up with the thought of the uncle having a woman in the room in case you are wondering. Hmmm.

2200 HOURS: I declared that mission is SUCCESS! Now for some party time and birthday photos taking with the pretty girl!

img_1417_副本That’s Jordan and her princess Glad! Look at how lovely the couple is!

img_1431_副本Peace, Glad’s younger sister came to her birthday as well. Look at how cute the sisters are!

img_1429_副本 img_1430_副本

The group aka. Crazy Bitches! (FYI, we all been through the craziest moments together and hence the group name!)


The birthday girl picking her balloons!


Double couple, that’s Kylie and her boyfriend on the left. I met Kylie through Glad and turns out she’s from Malaysia and we happen to hit well.




Turning 20th, you’re growing another year older and perhaps a year wiser. Like I said on your birthday card, I hope you’ll always stay happy and cheerful like the girl I first met at Clarke Quay, pretty, sexy and full of laughter and giggles. Stay confident and lead a life you want to and not to be led my someone else. It’s your 20th year, make it a special one with the graduation that is coming along and to a next milestone in your life.

(PS. That’s my very first kiss to a girl! <3)

(I forgot to do the video in landscape, OOPS)

(Glenda’s version, which captures more of the birthday surprise part.)

I remember

I could always remember putting both my palms on your old frailly face, touching that thin wrinkly skin of yours that lost its firmness and tightness. It was just dangling lose with wrinkles. Plenty of them. Seeing those sunken eye balls of yours showed how much age have caught up with you and your eyelids grew heavier day by day. And how much I love playing with your newly permed hair that was so short where it was just so tidy even I was attempting to make a mess out of it. Yet, you never got angry at all, attempting to comb it each time I mess it up.

I always love how much I’ll tried to disturb you by placing my head on your loose flabby tummy, how soft and comfortable it was like better than a water pillow, for this “pillow” was warm. Occasionally, the naughty side of me would tend to lift your top up and then attempt to tickle your tummy with my long hair. It got so ticklish that you always started laughing and telling me to stop it. Each time, we’ll always have a good laugh to end the late afternoon before you got up to prepare and make my dinner.

Sadly, I don’t remember when was the last time I had that much fun with you and never would I experience it again.

I love you, mama x