I remember

I could always remember putting both my palms on your old frailly face, touching that thin wrinkly skin of yours that lost its firmness and tightness. It was just dangling lose with wrinkles. Plenty of them. Seeing those sunken eye balls of yours showed how much age have caught up with you and your eyelids grew heavier day by day. And how much I love playing with your newly permed hair that was so short where it was just so tidy even I was attempting to make a mess out of it. Yet, you never got angry at all, attempting to comb it each time I mess it up.

I always love how much I’ll tried to disturb you by placing my head on your loose flabby tummy, how soft and comfortable it was like better than a water pillow, for this “pillow” was warm. Occasionally, the naughty side of me would tend to lift your top up and then attempt to tickle your tummy with my long hair. It got so ticklish that you always started laughing and telling me to stop it. Each time, we’ll always have a good laugh to end the late afternoon before you got up to prepare and make my dinner.

Sadly, I don’t remember when was the last time I had that much fun with you and never would I experience it again.

I love you, mama x


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