How time truly flies and it’s the month of february, heading into the second month of 2015. Yet, the same old me have yet to accomplished anything major in my life, relying majorly on my savings to get past with living each day and maybe working once a twice a week at the usual chinese restaurant in Harbourfront Centre. Although I have gotten another part-time job that pays relatively good, the job schedule is horrible and it’s either 2x work day per week or none. I wonder how much my savings is going to last. Hmmm…

(I won’t really  consider a full-time job mainly because of CPF contributions, for I need hard solid cash. Plus, I have something on in my mind. I’ll update you guys in a few months time when the time is ripe. Let’s just keep the suspension and guessing going on.)

Anyway, I’ve picked up pole-dancing at this dance school called Dance Channel and I got the deal from Groupon which I managed to saved alot. I started my first lesson on a friday and the pole was very different from the ones I tried on previously in Acro Polates during the trial class which I had plenty of fun with Karen. At Dance Channel, they use spinny while Acro Polates uses static poles. In my opinion, I guess I would prefer spinny because it’s easier to do spins and stuns on it while static is harder. Then again, it’s harder to grip on to spinny than static if you have sweaty palms like me. I guess there’s always its pros and cons to which pole is better, but as for now, my favourite is spinny. Maybe someday when my core muscles are stronger, I might attempt classes on static poles. Now that I remember, I better start training on my legs to be able to perform splits. I know my legs are weak and stiff, although my back is stronger and could do a back bend. I can’t wait for the next pole-dance class this week!

I also know that the month of february is going to be a special one because this year, chinese new year happens to fall in the same month as Valentines’ Day. Although I can’t really celebrate chinese new year (such as bringing mandarin oranges to wish people luck) this year due to my grandma’s departure, I’m still allowed to wear red (I don’t wear red actually, this rule doesn’t really benefit me) and collect angpows (if people give me of their free will. Haha, I’m such a cheater.) Speaking of which, I can’t wait for my CNY new clothes to arrive! (It had been a long while since I did my shopping, since grandma was sick.)

Yes, valentines is just in a few days time, on a saturday, and I’m not working! (Excited much!) I don’t know why and what am I excited over but the feeling of love is in the air is just so amazing isn’t it? I doubt I’ll have a date this year and I’m probably going to hang out with my girls again as usual except for Glad because she’s attached now. Or maybe someone might ask me out on valentines day out of the blue? (I don’t know, but the possibility is just 0.1%?)

One more thing, I’m so proud of myself for clubbing lesser nowadays. It’s probably a once or twice a month affair now instead of the previous once or twice a week thing. Still, I can’t get over drinking though, especially when I’m feeling down (most of the time actually) I still need my liquor and booze to make me happy so that I’ll tear lesser at night. Then again, all these drinking had actually trigger my frequent eczema attacks with uncontrollable itch and swollen itch lumps and patches. HORRENDOUSLY HIDEOUS. That explains in my drop in self-confidence nowadays. I should totally kick off my alcohol reliance habit and lead a more healthier lifestyle to improve my skin condition. (Note to self.)

I guess that’s enough updates for the time being.

IMG_1767Off to my bed. Nights peeps!



2 thoughts on “February

  1. It doesn’t matter how people think about pole-dancing, it’s my many years interest and finally, I’m able to tried it out, that’s what I’m happy about. Many people have the misconception about pole-dancing but learning and picking up the dance itself have nothing to do with performing it at those pole bars. I think that you should really look at pole-dancing from another perspective, it can be a form of sports as well to strengthen core muscles, arms and thighs.

  2. Interesting post, as always. After having read , and alternately enjoyed, empathized with,  and worried desperately  over your many many posts the one thing I would have NEVER expected to hear from you is that you are trying to save money. I’m suprised that you are trying pole dancing, it seems so frivolous and dull…unless…is this a career move!??  hmmm…  I would have thought gymnastics or weights or yoga…Well, i look forward to the video.    To be serious for a moment, I am upset to hear you say that you tear-up most nights. Cry yourself to sleep…you? Are you so so lonely? Drinking to drown your sorrows at your age is spiritual suicide. Girl, straighten up!  You seem to have so many good friends that you are close to.      I have very close friend in Hk who has never been kissed, never had a boyfriend. She’s over 40. She cries at night. alone. Do you want this to be you???You’re very good looking(I’d say adorably sexy , but i don’t want to offend you)   You have a happy way about you(at least sometimes) an enchanting and touching “inner darkness” and introspection, thoughtfullness, kindness. So why? Waiting for Mr Perfect. Don’t do it. Learn about men through experience and don’t take it too seriously. You don’t have to find your soul mate at 20; even though you may want to,ofcourse. Basically, you seem to have a perverse element in your make-up (no! don’t look at your lip-stick! silly girl!) that yearns to wallow in sorrow, perhaps because you have had so much criticism at home and perhaps also because, subconsciously, it justifies your view that the world sucks, is unfair, that no one loves you because everyone else is defective etc etc. …something like that.I’m working on only one cup of coffee here, so have mercy,eh?I’m not think this through very well. but i’ve always thought that you too quickly push suitors away, without even “trying them out”.It’s as if you don’t want to have anyone because then you wouldn’t be able to say how lonely you are or justify how cruel the world is. do you know what i’m trying to say?I’m saying this with great kindness in my heart, even if my words may be harsh.  Youth is a time for sampling things, not despairing alcoholism!   Wish me a happy birthday and I will hope for better year for you (like I always do, )and some romance in your life. Happy valentines day! 

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