Where I stayed in: Shenzhen, China

After my first night stay in Hong Kong to catch up some rest from the long tiring budget flight from Singapore, I’m finally in Shenzhen! For Shenzhen, I have booked a hotel near the metro station because it would be more convenient for me to travel via metro than to take their taxi. Since I was going to be mainly shopping in the area of Dongmen, I decided to book a hotel in that area so that I could have easy access to the hotel to unload my shopping bags and then continue on. (I’m such a shopaholic!) Anyway, the hotel that I booked was called:

ZTL Hotel Shenzhen (Previously Days Inn Shenzhen)

Address: 57 Yongxin Street, Jiefang Road, Luohu District, Dongmen, Shenzhen, China

Nearest MTR: Lao Jie Station (Exit D)

My Rate: $65.25 incl. of taxes and gst (Wed)

ZTL Hotel wasn’t the cheapest hotel around in Shenzhen nor in the Dongmen area. There were actually plenty of hotels in Shenzhen with prices less than $100 a night for you to choose from. However, one of the difficulties of booking hotels in Shenzhen is that the Google Maps are not updated and therefore it makes it difficult to actually check where your hotels are located and if they are near any metro stations. (I don’t know why Shenzhen map is not updated…)

Anyway, the hotel location is excellent, once you step out of the station exit, you could easily spot the huge sign which is facing the road, away from the Dongmen Shopping area. The ground floor of the hotel is a huge row of shops and nearby is just H&M flagship store! There is a GongCha store right opposite the hotel with KFC and Macdonalds nearby as well.

As for the service, the front desk staff was bad and rude. When I wanted to check in to the hotel, they claimed that they did not block any room for me because they did not receive any booking information, until later when one of the staff admitted that she did receive but misunderstood the word “confirmation” as “cancellation”. (OMG SERIOUSLY?!) Then they randomly gave me a low floor room on the 3rd floor when I requested for a high floor. I was totally pissed. (If I were to be staying in that hotel for a few nights, I’ll probably ask for a room change but since it was a night, I decided to forgo about it. Damn…)

The superior room was definitely bigger than the size of a standard room in Hong Kong and it felt really awesome. The bed was a queen and it was super soft and comfortable. I LOVE THE BED! However, the aircon was super cold and no matter how much I tried to adjust the temperature, it just doesn’t seemed to work beside turning off the aircon completely, which made me gasping for air because of the stuffiness. The mini fridge in the room was totally spoilt as well and it was super smelly when I open it, NEARLY PUKED, I swear!

Overall, I guess the hotel is good for a one night stay if you are planning to do some one day crazy shopping  in Dongmen area, else there are plenty of good hotels in Shenzhen with similar pricing for you to choose from and better service and facilities available.


2 thoughts on “Where I stayed in: Shenzhen, China

  1. I have only read this far: “the long tiring budget flight”  and I don’t know if should laugh or scream…or maybe i shouldn’t say anything at all? I don’t want to scare you of from visiting canada some day!  The last time i went with yan to singapore it was…what? 16? or 18 hours in the air, not counting a layover in HK. On cathay. 3 1/2 hours only to SG from HK. 3 1/2 is fine. 18?!!! NEVER AGAIN!  hmm…I shall read on, before heading out to the garden to some work. I wonder if you’ll tell us how it felt to be on your own for the first time. alone in china. where things like


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    • Well, the flight was considered long inclusive of the long flight delays that the plane stood waiting on the runway for a gate and to depart due to bad weather. Anyway, I have yet to complete another post which talks about the rest of the trip beside the hotels…

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