I’m an old fashion girl

I’m a 21st century girl but who wants to fall in love in an old-fashioned way, with an “old-fashioned” man.


My old fashioned man is probably the finest gentleman that you would have ever met. He gives respect, adoration and awe to the lady he set eyes on for the very first time. He never pushes his limits nor boundaries and takes things slow and steady like a classic steam train. He is committed to his promises and never fails to deliver, show and prove it.

Remaining loyal and faithful and never had any changes in his love and devotion for the lady he loves. He will be able to stand in the darkest times with his lady and be her pillar of support in the hardest situations that she might face.


His usual approach of communicating with his lady would be writing letters and cards and pasting a stamp on the envelope, letting the postman does the delivery job over sending a text on mobile phones unless it was urgent.

And he would love the lady for her lovely personality and not the physical looks. He would spend time understanding, deciphering her character like a hard cover paperback book with fine printed words, through deep and engaging conversations with probably a few teases and jokes to keep it lively and sparks alive.


I know I am just dreaming about the impossible, it’s 21st century and no one really does that anymore. Love happens like bullet train nowadays. People fall in love not because he is the man that is the best for them but rather, they needed a company, or perhaps someone to satisfy their needs, being monetary, confidence booster or bodily needs. It becomes so complicated and tangled mess that it has lost its meaning…this is not the kind of love that I would want and I probably lost a little faith until…

I happened to saw this white hair grandpa who was holding his love of his entire life’s hands, helping her to get down the bus as her knees were weak and unable to be as agile since age has taken over. She smiled at him when her feet finally made it to the ground and he smiled, continuing to hold her hands as they walk slowly but steadily to their destination. I guess that is true love. Seeing this scene, really set me thinking so much more than usual…this is old-fashioned love and had withstand the test of time.



One thought on “I’m an old fashion girl

  1. Hello my lovely little half-portion!  hehe ( i still get a laugh out of that phrase. I imediately thought of you when i read it in a Wodehouse novel recently.)…I think i know just the guy you need. He’s in singapore,too. too late,though.  he’s married to my niece …and she’s half an inch taller than you,too. sigh, no chance for you there. I would think that there are still lots of quiet, gentle, serious guys left in singapore. maybe too shy to talk to girls easily, too shy to go to bikini bar. Or has singapore changed so much in 10 years. Ofcourse,there were no bars when i was last there.clark quay was just opened and mostly shops, not bars. singaporeans didn’t go there, except SPG’s.You’d meet a guy at work or school or on the mrt or at a hawker’s centre or pasar malam. Your really kind of chin chai(did i get that right?), kind of a mix of diferent things that don’t usually fit in the same package. A modern girl who would be any guys dream of what a girl should be like and yet embracing rather 19th century morals and needs, but working at bikini bar(how modern! how 24 hour party culture). Perhaps( i think) lacking in social confidence, yet very outgoing by nature, cheerful, yet full of pessimism, very sexy, yet not sure of your attractiveness. And yet, I rarely saw a girl as pretty as you in all the times i was living in singapore – so why wouldn’t you be confident around men???sigh…girls…who can understand them?Oh oh, it just occurred to me that i’ve only read the first paragraph of your post. have i got it all wrong? made lots of wrong assumptions? oh oh…I’m such a goof. I think wodehouse wrote a book called “heart of a goof”…probably about me.I like your picture of the man you want to find. but stamps? letters? not practical. perhaps just for something special. Email would be the modren equivalent, rather than texting. long letters, like i write to you…also, be fair here. singapore is SO small.I wrote letters to yan when we first met. but that was years ago. i was living in victoria, or california( i moved about a lot) and she was near to toronto, thousands of miles away.Don’t expect too much, you want compassion and understanding. You can find that( it just takes time to develop).  Demand stamps on letters as well and you’ll be single for the rest of your life! Like ellen…poor girl. Can we help HER get a boyfriend???Have you really had so much trouble finding a nice guy? or are you just blind to all offers? When i look at you i feel tenderness, protectiveness. It’s an immediate response. i would think that lots of guys would feel that way. that might make the good one’s slow to …how shall i put it? flirt? to show that that they are attracted to you? you might think that they see you as a “little sister” rather than a love interest. I think that’s an important question to ask yourself. How would know if a guy was interested in you? Would you recognize the signs of interest in the quiet, “old-fashioned” guy? Or do you only see the pick-up artists??? they are easy to spot,usually. I don’t think that you have enough experience to judge a man well. also, have you considered just relaxing a bit?  You don’t have to find the perfect guy yet. you are barely 21. and look 16. and inside, i think, sometimes are an adorable 12 year-old. hehe   Anyhow, i was going to say that some dating experience would be good for you. Even “bad” experience. think of it as practice. life practice. I’m really torn here, cause i know you want your first time or first kiss to be a “beautiful love”, something precious and eternal, …but that’s rarely what happens. Sure, you will remember the moment, but it will totally outshone someday when something really magical happens. I don’t want you confuse that tingle of desire coming from repressed horniness when you see an attractive guy for that inner glow and shock o of recognition  when you meet someone that you instantly feel is more than just a guy but somehow someone just like you. Not a physical attraction so much as a meeting of souls.    you seem to be judging “first dates” by the standards that one would apply to assessing a life long relationship. like your couple on a bus. that scene required decades of togetherness, probably not all of it good or close , but a gradual getting used to each other and coming to depend on each other. You become a habit in the life of the other person. it takes time. and it can happen even in relationships that aren’t perfect, that aren’t deeply romantic and that don’t have real deep understanding of each other. You need experience, you need to learn…or i fear that you may become committed to the first guy that really does kiss you or open a door for you. and perhaps end up with a long dependable relationship but also one that never becomes truly close and truly shared. BTW, I stay off instagram because i think it is your private place to meet your friends and not a place to talk about these things,right? again, I  remain your friend       hoping to “meet you someday on skype or facebook.                           Graham       

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